Why Did Wentworth Miller Walk Out Of Prison Break Series? Click To Know

Wentworth Miller
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Wentworth Miller was playing a pivotal role is the popular Netflix series Prison Break. But recently he has decided to walk out of the series.

Wentworth Miller Quits Prison Break

We can not imagine Prison Break with the character of Micheal Scofield, can we? The Netflix series had five seasons so far and the sixth one was expected soon.

But we might have to bid adieu to Micheal’s character. And the reason is that the actor playing Micheal Scofield has decided to quit the series. Yes! Wentworth Miller has walked out of Prison Break. It means that he won’t be seen in the upcoming season.

Wentworth Miller
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The Prison Break actor took to Instagram to share this news.  He said that he enjoyed his time in the series but it was time to venture into something new.

Also the main reason Miller quit this series was that he does not want to party straight characters. We know that the actor revealed his sexual orientation as gay way back in 2013. Therefore he said that it is high time he should start portraying characters that define his sexuality.

Wentworth Miller
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Miller also added that he wants to represent the LGBTQ community with his characters. Moreover, he said that it gets really difficult to portray the character of someone who you are not.

But he also said that the series will be close to his hearts. And he wants a few more seasons of the series.

Will There Be Another Season Of Prison Break Without Miller?

Well, Prison Break Season 6 was definitely on the cards. As per the sources, the makers were almost ready with the plot. We know that the plot revolves around two brothers Micheal Scofield and his brother Lincoln.

The story is about Lincoln trying to rescue his brother Micheal who gets imprisoned for a crime he never committed. Therefore in the upcoming season, everyone was expecting to see more of Micheal and Lincoln. Now that Miller has quit the series we really don’t know if the makers will think of bringing another season.

Wentworth Miller
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Because if that happens the entire plot of the upcoming season has to be changed. And the focus has to be shifted from Micheal’s character to someone else. So that seems to be quite impossible as of now.

And even if it happens, we might have to wait for quite a few years. As of now the makers of the series have not given any statement on Miller’s exit and the upcoming season.

So it seems like an official announcement from the makers will be worth waiting for.

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