Daniel Radcliffe Talks About Whether He Still Keeps In Touch With Emma Watson And Rupert Grint

Some stars spend years working on a film series or a tv show together. They often develop great friendships and bonds for life. Moreover, several times they are asked if they keep in touch with each other to date. Another celebrity who is asked the same question is- Daniel Radcliffe.


Daniel Radcliffe is a popular English actor and producer. He began his acting career through the 1999 television film ‘David Copperfield’ at the age of 10. After that, he starred in the film ‘The Tailor of Panama’ in 2001. The same year he landed the biggest role of his career as Harry Potter in the film series of the same name. Radcliffe is most popular for his role as Harry Potter to date. After that, his other acting credits include- ‘The Woman In Black’, ‘Kill Your Darlings’, ‘Victor Frankenstein’, ‘Swiss Army Man’. Also, ‘Now You See Me 2’, ‘Imperium’, ‘The Gamechangers’, ‘The Modern Ocean’. As well as, ‘Jungle’, ‘The Lifespan Of A Fact’, ‘Beast Of Burden’ and many more.

In addition, his recent works include- ‘The Unbreakable: Kimmy Schmidt’, ‘Guns Akimbo’ and ‘Escape From Pretoria’. Radcliffe also received numerous nominations and awards for his work in the Harry Potter film franchise. Furthermore, Radcliffe published several poems under the pen name Jacob Gershon in Rubbish, an underground fashion magazine.

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Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint
Source: Daily Mail

Radcliffe’s Friendship With Watson And Grint Today

Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint became major stars during their time in the Harry Potter films. The trio also shared a wonderful friendship over the years. Moreover, Radcliffe was recently asked in an interview with the Today Show, if he still keeps in touch with his co-stars and friends. Radcliffe immediately replies saying ‘Absolutely!’. He further elaborates saying: “We’re not as close as we once were but I text Rupert because of his baby. Daniel also talks about how surreal it is to watch Rupert be a father now, “I mean that is still wild to me that we are now at the stage where we are having kids and I’m sure that is a fact that makes the rest of the world feel very old. I’m genuinely just so happy for him. He is going to be an awesome dad.”

It’s truly great to see our favourite trio still being such good friends!

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