Dr Fauci Surges Another Warning On Coronavirus Pandemic Crisis! Click To Know What He Said

Dr Fauci
Source: AP

Dr Fauci has never stopped giving his opinion of the ongoing pandemic. He has been criticised several times for his certain statements.

Dr Fauci Says That Danger Still Prevails

The coronavirus pandemic has affected everyone badly. From causing an economic crisis to claiming millions of lives, this deadly disease has done it all.

But as they say that life has to go on therefore it looks like we are returning to normal. Most of the places have been relaxed from lockdowns. Schools have resumed, tourist places have opened and things look pretty similar like before. So should we assume that the pandemic is almost over and we are safe?

Dr Fauci
Source: Reuters

Well, Dr Fauci says no! In a recent statement, he said that things are absolutely getting better. And people are recovering and in many places, the COVID-19 cases have reduced. But that does not mean that we are completely safe.

In a recent interview with CNN Fauci stated things are still worse. He said that if we look at the number of cases we can understand that the horror of the virus is not yet over.

Apart from that, he said that because of shattering economy lockdowns have been lifted. But people should actually frame their own lockdown rules.

And don’t take things casually by ignoring safety protocols.

On Vaccines

We know that Pfizer’s vaccine has been proved to be effective against COVID-19 after the recent trials. Thus giving us a ray of hope. But Dr Fauci has something else to say.

Dr Fauci
Source: CNN

He admitted that it is a good sign that Pfizer’s Vaccine looks quite successful. But that does not mean that we should start relying on it from now. Because the final results are yet to come.

He said that even if the vaccine comes to the market by December 2020 it does not mean that everyone will get the vaccine in one go. It might take a few months to get all the citizens vaccinated. Therefore everyone should understand that fact that they still need to be careful.

Fauci said that public health measures are still important until and until the virus gets completely wiped out. Anf maybe this time what Dr Fauci said makes sense.

Dr Fauci
Source: CNN

Because we still have not got our hands on the vaccine. And the situation has not been normalised yet. Therefore we should try not to ignore the health protocols.

Therefore as Dr Fauci said, we should never be reluctant to wear masks and try to maintain distance from people in the public. So until an effective vaccine arrives this is the only way to defeat the virus.

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