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Halloween Kills: New Teaser Trailer For Soundtrack Premiered

Preceding this week, the first whole track from the forthcoming album was premiered, giving audiences a glimpse of the horror that will be told in the film, as composer and franchise creator John Carpenter shared a teaser for the entire album on Twitter. 

The next feature film, “Halloween Kills,” will be released on October 15. Sacred Bones Records describes the score as “a five-tone plucking on the piano so beautifully arranged that it feels more like a sketch than something simple that even the inexperienced player can pick up” and that it is “one of the greatest musical achievements of cinema.”. 

Halloween Kills Teaser Trailer

The track alone is more than enough to get the audience excited about the album. Still, the teaser also includes footage from the film itself, reminding us how terrible the upcoming adventure is supposed to be.    

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The unpredictable Michael Meyers and John Carpenter’s hypnotic theme from his 1978 horror masterpiece Halloween. 

Watch the teaser trailer here:


She embodies the slasher, stalker, and fear of generations of film-goers and becomes the musical shorthand for the entire horror genre through her intertwining with pop culture. 

Halloween Kills Soundtrack

In 2018, Carpenter returned to the franchise that produced Halloween for the first time since Halloween III: A Season of Witch in 1982, erasing 40 years of sequels and reboots that had happened while other filmmakers returned to stories outside of his original vision. 

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David Gordon Green directed the new Halloween and its sequels. Still, Carpenter stayed behind to give the films the distinctive sonic identity integral to the original movie, from Meyer’s death mask to the glittering butcher’s knife.  

Carpenter’s score for the second installment of the new Halloween trilogy, “Halloween Kills,” remains true to the spirit that made 1978 original so great while taking it into the present. 

With a broader sound palette, new digital techniques, and a more profound sense of musicality, the score of Halloween Kills is best when working with Carpenter, who was always at his best when he was at his best. 

Carpenter’s score has a dark, old-fashioned synth tone and a breathtaking sense of menace that he conjures up with a few dissonant tones.  

Like many Sacred Bones releases, the soundtrack of Halloween Kills will be available in different vinyl colors and on CD and cassette. 

Pre-Order Halloween Kills Soundtrack

You can see the different versions of the soundtrack below and pre-order the full soundtrack before it hits shelves on October 15. “Halloween Kills” hits theaters on October 15.

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