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The Truth Regarding Sean Evans’ Loved Hot One’s Guests

It’s not hard to see the appeal of Hot Ones. We Feast, a YouTube web series with over 8 million subscribers a channel that loves to see their favorite celebrities in context, gives different kinds of interviews, bites into a series of spicy, sharp, hot wings, and try to talk to host Sean Evans without breaking a sweat or tearing.

Evans was praised for his face and his calm demeanor as he took to the wings with his visitors, but additionally for his experience to ask unique and thoughtful, well-researched questions.

YouTube users have unearthed Evans and his team of videos, and Hot Ones has racked up more than 39 million views.

It is not to say that the audience was delighted with this episode. The guest interviews did not live up to the hype, leaving some viewers disappointed. But there were real winners, too. For Evans, he was the first choice.

Last year, host and Hot One’s creator Chris Schonberger answered fan questions on Reddit, which naturally included requests for favorite guests.

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Sean Evans is now an enthusiast of Hot One’s fellow Shawn Mendes.

One Redditor asked the hosts who should be a guest and why they weren’t looking for interviews that would turn out to be great. The host’s response was hard to swallow, as he and his team don’t host Hot Ones because they don’t want to be guests.

He admitted that he didn’t know much about Shawn Mendes and that he was a little nervous about the idea of interviewing him. But after having him on the show, he changed his mind.

He replied that he didn’t expect much from him on his show because he belonged to a genre they had never touched.

The presenter confessed that the episode with the star was one of his absolute favorites. He called him a “sweet guy” and claimed to have been certified by the MendesArmed Forces.

Sean Evans liked interviewing Ricky Gervais on Hot Ones.

Evans earlier this year admitted to People that it’s hard to limit the hottest one-off guests to top picks as more celebrities come to the show. However, he did name a few that stand out for specific reasons.

According to Evans, each episode ticks different boxes. He described the episode with Ricky Gervais and Russell Brand as one that ‘has a special place in my heart because of the strange scenes and stories that have rocked the team around them.

In his spot on the H3 podcast, Evans and Schonberger revealed that Gervais was one of the most excellent guests. Evans not only liked the episode but the way it brought the team together.

The British comedian expressed concern that he had ruined the show. He apologized for throwing in the towel and not eating the wings.

According to Evans, he filmed Brand and Gervais’s episode and several videos for the other series on a three-day trip filmed between noon and tonight.

Evans also recalled going to London when the show was in its infancy, and he didn’t have a big budget. ‘This is one of my favorite periods of the show; it was a monumental period that defined Hot Ones.

The future Hot One’s guest Sean Evans wants to see

Evans told People that Howard Stern was one of his dreams guests on Idol, but he was a broadcast journalism student in college, so he didn’t think Stern would be featured on the episode.

The reason is that he doesn’t think Stern wants to join the show is the central premise of suffering through the most excruciatingly savory chicken wings the network has ever seen.

Evans said he would not bet on him being a guest because of what he knew about Stern, though he admitted that “you never know.” The show may be hotter than the one in this episode.

The Hot Ones have already hosted actors Keanu Reeves, Will Smith, and Dwayne Johnson, and there will be a new trophy hunt. Given the show’s popularity, it doesn’t seem too far-fetched to have her back on the show.

Evans said Ramsay has already appeared on the show, as have other celebrities, and fans on social media have been begging to see what comes next.

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