Trump Skips Session On G20 During The Pandemic As Trump Tweets About Election Results

We saw president Donald Trump that he participated in the G20 on Saturday by tweeting about the election results through out the opening ceremony and even skipping an important side conference focused on the pandemic going.

As per the news it was even uncertain that whether Trump would even attend the G20 summit this year, which was held virtually due to the pandemic, but on Friday it was confirmed that he has participated in the summit.

When the virtual meeting started Trump was amongst the two dozen leaders who showed via video conference, that to beaming in from the White House situation room.

But as the meeting started just after the 13 minutes, Trump started sending Tweets which were focused on elections and the results to be overturn for the Presidential election.

And by the 10.00 am he departed from the White House and he went to his namesake to the golf club that was outside the Washington DC.

He was spotted there when the “side event on Pandemic Preparedness” got on nerve which marked the French president Emmanuel macron, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, South Korean President Moon Jae-in and the other in the list participated accept Trump.

There are huge expectation from this year’s G20, as despite of the Pandemic that now requires global efforts and attention. But as the absence of American leadership from the G20 was worse.

Trump as per the records have never been the part to the summit meetings even when they were not held virtually. He also departed form the G7 meeting in Canada and also rescinded the signature on the final Communique.

So it was the Trump turn to host the G7 this year, but the pandemic had fosters every thing in the United States. Also it was said that Trump did raise an prospect to conduct the G7 just after the election, but as per the officials there are no chance to held the G7 meeting looking at the pandemic condition.


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