Why Ain’t Andrew Cuomo A Good Choice for US Attorney General?

Why Ain’t Andrew Cuomo A Good Choice for US Attorney General?

On the Whole, Cuomo's Managed Covid Well - WSJ

It is confirmed that Gov. Cuomo is on Joe Biden’s shortlist for attorney general. Still, Cuomo insists he is not interested: Smart, given that he might not be the ultimate pick, even if he is, he would have to be scrutinized by the Senate. He will have to clarify a lot.

Let aside the as-yet-unsubstantiated charges of sexual assault hurled against him Sunday. His track record of proven policy blunders that cost New Yorkers their lives is the real problem.

The voters of Cuomo are carrying the brunt of his “reforms” of criminal justice that put repeat criminals out on the streets hours after their conviction with no bail required. That involves several significant perpetrators.

Reasons Why Cuomo Is A Bad Choice

Repeat criminals are behind a massive increase in gun violence; if Cuomo had not kowtowed to the far left on parole, more would be behind bars. The toll: 1,756 dead or injured, according to the NYPD, in Gotham so far this year.

Cuomo’s hand-picked Parole Board, which released cop killer Perry Bellamy and convicted killer Samuel Ayala, accused of raping and killing two mothers in front of their children, may also look at Biden.

Cuomo has been a panderer-in-chief since George Floyd’s unfortunate death, accusing all cops in the state of racial profiling and threatening budget cuts to any municipal police force that has not changed its ways, as if they are all similar in need of improvement. The language of intimidation earned Al Sharpton’s attention, but it is not what America wants.

However, an attorney general is also accountable for ensuring that the Justice Department seeks out wrongdoing. But in it, Cuomo wallows. On a promise to clean up Albany, he ran for governor in 2010.

Some Of Cuomo’s Aides Have Been Convicted

Cuomo himself has never been charged with a crime, but some of his closest aides, especially Joseph Percoco, have been convicted and sentenced to jail. He was a longtime confidante of Cuomo who ran two of the governor’s campaigns and was identified by Cuomo as the “third son” of his father.

Percoco was accused of soliciting bribery and seeking a low-show job for his wife from businesses doing business with the state. He called the money “ziti.”

And while Cuomo’s techniques of fundraising are not illegal under state tax law, donors doing business with the state have endorsed mainly him. It’s not a blueprint to emulate globally.

The Cuomo administration ordered nursing homes to accept the discharge of COVID patients from hospitals on March 25. It was important for facilities to fly blind, not recognizing who was sick. Like flames, the virus spread, killing thousands.

Yet until May 10, far too long, the Cuomo administration persisted with its deadly strategy. It is inevitable to get a feeling of impropriety.

The advocacy body of the healthcare sector, the Greater New York Hospital Society, is a mega-donor to the housekeeping account of the state Democratic Party, helping elect Cuomo. 

The US Department of Justice hasn’t been fooled. He has been pressing for the facts since August.

Still, Biden thanked Cuomo for doing a “job check” against the virus. 

Cuomo is also an anti-cop, he relaxes with extortion and happy to cheat, even about death. These characteristics are not what the crisis-ridden country wants. 


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