Emergency Use Of Antibody Drug Trump Received Approved By FDA

As per the news US health official have agreed to allow the emergency use of a second antibody drugs to cure and help immune system fight the Covid-19, it was medicine which was used on President Trump when we was sick the last month.

The Food and Drug Administration authorized the use of Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc. a drug used in the prevention of hospitalization and worsening of the disease getting born in patient which shows mild to moderate symptoms.

The drug is to be given one-time through IV. And FDA have allowed the use of the drug in adult and children above the age of 12 and the one who weights more than or equal to 88 pounds and the one at higher risk of severe illness form the virus.

Emergency Authorization have allowed them to use the drug while the studies are still in progress to measure the safety and effectiveness. And have also said that it may result in less people getting hospitalized, in the high risk from disease is on pace as said by FDA.

As per the word given by Regeneron that the initial does will be made available to around 300,000 patients and that is through the federal government allocation program. People wont be charged for this but they may be ask to give the cost of giving the IV.

The supply will be vast as the cases in US have out grown by 10 million with the country itself facing the dark winter and that is called because of the uncontrolled spread of the virus in the nation.

Further specification to the medicine that it is a combo of two antibodies as it will enhance the chances to prove its effective. FDA also authorized the use of single antibody drug named Eli Lilly but its still being studied.



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