The US Election Been Called Off Here Are the Insight, As The Results Are Not Official?

So as per the data, the US election has been called off for the Democratic candidate Joe Biden and the running candidate none other than Kamala Harris. The new president and the vice president have accepted and claimed their victory while on the other hand, Donald Trump is refusing to accept his defeat.

On the other hand, it is seen that Biden has enough votes to get him through with the elections and the votes required to win the election, but he is not the US President yet!!

The States Which Haven’t Been Called Off Yet and Know Why!

The states Georgia, North California, Alaska so looking here we saw that in Georgia the 99 per cent of votes that were counted were in favour of Biden that is more than 11400 votes on Tuesday evening.

As we saw that the margin was so close, so it’s not going to happen where they could have called for either candidate because it’s sure to be the subject of a recount. The final margin was less than 0.5%, and Trump has the chance and can call for recounting within two days of the initial count finishing.

The secretary official of the state of Georgia warned on Tuesday that there could be the illegal votes in the premises, well something he said has taken place in every election. Well, those illegal votes might change the entire decision of the election.

Trump leading by almost 75000 votes in North California, where counting is yet to be continued for a few more days. Alaska is well likely to call for Trump as he holds 62.2% of the votes where only 58% votes have been counted, so do you think is it too early to get an official result?

Who “Call” An Election in Particular State?

  • The early voting and other statistical analysis.
  • The survey was done of the voters leaving while on the polling sites.
  • The number of ballots counted and the number of ballots remaining.
  • The places where the votes are still being counted.

Where if the margin is too close like in the Georgia where Trump and Biden are close enough in this case the network will hold on before declaring the results.

And then each state is called for a candidate, the state’s electoral college votes and are directly added to that candidate’s tally.

So here in US results are not official once it’s called, the states have time till December 14 to settle any disputes or problems while election, and that’s when each state’s electoral college elector casts their votes.

So then the congress will meet on January 6 for the final tally and the certification of US president and the vice president.



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