Jaden Smith Cutting Off To Beach With Kendall Jenner- To Get His Mind Off From Will Smith And Jada Smith’s Divorce

Jaden Smith needed some time to chill out with pals. Jaden Smith and Kendall Jenner headed to the beach to get his mind off his folks’ very public marital confessions. Kendall Jenner showed off her top model bikini body when she spent a day on the beach in Los Angeles this week. The 24-year-old was spotted frolicking around on the sand with a group of friends including Jaden Smith.

Looking Fab

Jaden Smith also presented his body in a totally different way. Kendall Jenner presented her model bikini body when she enjoyed a day on the beach in Los Angeles this week. 

Kendall opted for a two-part summer that painted a white-purple pattern and arrived with a baseball cap. Her swimsuit exposed her chiseled stomach and sighed in relief after it filled with sand. Jaden Smith and Kendall Jenner both enjoyed a lot with their friends.

Looking Fab
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Rocked A Lilac

Jaden had to leave the house after taking his mother and father to the red table to talk about his relationship with the rapper. The actor Karate Kid, wearing a bright purple and pink swimsuit, spent his Sundays on a beach in Malibu with his best friends Kendall Jenner, Disney star Aries Arius, and Harry Hudson.

He was also in a good mood when he spent time with people in the sand and splashed in the hot summer water.

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His mid-season session took place just two days after Jaden’s father Will Mummy Jada in a special episode of her Facebook surveillance show Red Table Talk. He responded to August’s claims that he and Yada had a deep and passionate romance during their marriage. August also claimed that he had the Independence Day star’s blessing to accompany his relationship with Jada.

Together with her friends, Kendall Jenner’s daughter founded a dog company called Dobermann Pinschers. He pulled his hair down and started the California Rays with dark sunglasses for his day. In the meantime, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith’s son paired a pair of blue, pink, and purple t-shirts with complementing tights. A few days after their release, they will appear on Jada’s Facebook show Red Table Talk and discuss their marriage openly.

Source: BBC



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