The President Elect Joe Biden Is Informed By GSA To Begin The Formal Transition Process

On Monday afternoon the General Services Administration has informed Joe Biden to begin the formal transition process. That information was relayed to him via letter from Administrator Emily Murphy.

We saw that Trump is still refusing to concede and he continue the fight in court after the GSA gave the green light to the President elect Biden and coordinate with the administration for the coming Jan. 20 inauguration. But Trump did tweet that he was asking his team to cooperate on the transition process.

“As the Administrator of the US GSA, I have the ability under the president Transition Act made under 1963 to make a declare certain post-election resources and services available to assist in the vent of a presidential transition,” written by Murphy.

As per the news she took the role seriously and with the recent changes involving development and legal challenges and certification of the election result, she wrote to Biden that she is transferring the letter today to make those resources and services available for him.

The Letter arrived after the Michigan had formally made and announcement and certified the election results on Monday and Georgia gave the green light on Friday. But still Georgia is set for a recount on Tuesday.

The state Pennsylvania and Arizona and some two other states carried by the president elect where they are set to clarify the election in the coming future.

And Biden has already started nominating people he plans to appoint them to his cabinet. GSA had made available several million dollars to the incoming Administration during this process.


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