NYC Schools Could Reopen If Covid Positivity Rate Stays Even Above 3 Per cent, Gov. Cuomo Says


NYC Schools Could Reopen If Covid Positivity Rate Stays Even Above 3 Per cent, Gov. Cuomo Says

Reopening Schools Try to Decide When They Should Close Again Due to Coronavirus Cases - WSJ


NYC schools are currently closed due to the average covid positivity rate of about 3.09%. However, Governor Cuomo says that it is possible to reopen schools even if the infection rate is above 3 per cent.

More limitations are coming to parts of the New York City, as COVID-19 cases give no indications of easing back down. This, as illegal gatherings were by and by busted throughout the end of the week, CBS2’s Hazel Sanchez detailed Sunday.

Governor Cuomo is giving warnings to the people living on Staten Island and also in parts of upper Manhattan and Long Island. The increasing Covid contamination rates could carry more challenging limitations to those territories.

Various parts of Upper Manhattan and Long Island are approaching yellow zone an area. However, the leading representative said Sunday parts of Staten Island are going into orange and red zones.

As per Gov. Cuomo, Staten Island is a serious problem. The island is also creating a problem by overburdening hospitals.

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The red zone areas limit worship places to 25 people. Along with this:

  • Mass social affairs would not be allowed.
  • Only emergency business operations would stay open.
  • Take away dining service will be available.
  • Schools would go distant, except if the school selects to test understudies and staff to ensure they’re covid-free.

Patricia Gaja and various other restaurant owners and managers are in doubt if they would be able to survive another lockdown. The primary source of income of these restaurants is from indoor and outdoor dining. But, due to red zone limitations, only take away, and delivery service will be available.

Gaja, the owner of the Phunky Elephant Gastro Pub, said that this is a piece of unfortunate news. He also added that they suffered a loss of about 70% since the last year.

Whereas, Chrissy Viola of The Richmond added they would have to shut down their restaurant business. But, that they will try to get along with it.

On the other hand, Vinium manager Roberto Hernandez said that many restaurants would not be able to survive this lockdown.

At present, the disease rate seven-day average is 3.09%. Yet, Cuomo said if the seven-day standard remains above 3% for ten days, by law the state assumes responsibility for city schools. The lead representative said if that happens, he will permit schools to resume, on the off chance that they consent to COVID-19 testing necessities.

“The school is safer than the local community. Think about it. You have 3% infection rate in the community. The school is under half a percent. Why would you want the child to stay at home, which means they’re not going to stay at home. It means they’re going to go outside. They’re going to run around in a 3% community,” Cuomo said.

Joined Federation of Teachers President Michael Mulgrew communicated concurrence with the lead representative. 

Mulgrew stated to guardians on Sunday that they don’t think the entire framework needs to go far off if enormous territories of the city have kept transmission rates low. 




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