Making A Murderer Season 3: Release Date, Trailer, Spoilers & Updates 2021

Netflix has been incorporating docuseries and documentary movies for quite a while now. They have become a welcoming hub for documentaries as they love including them in their ever-growing platform. After all, there are plenty of different genres of documentaries ranging from food to technology. Amongst the heat of such documentaries came the spine=chilling series titled “Making A Murderer” written and directed by Laura Ricciardi and Moira Demos.

Netflix is yet to announce if the hit true crime documentary will be returning to the streaming service for a third season – despite the ending of season two of Making A Murderer leaving fans keen to know more about the futures of both Avery and Dassey.

What We Know About Making A Murderer Season 3

There are no updates as of now for the new season. After season 1, season 2 released after a gap of three years. Since it’s a sensitive show revolving around murder and conviction cases, it can take a long time for the makers to gather resources. Sources say that we shouldn’t expect it to release in fall 2020.

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Making A Murderer Story

The true-crime docuseries revolve around Brendan Dassey and his uncle Steven Avery convicted for the alleged murder of Teresa Halbach. Brendan was charged with sexual assault and mutilation of the corpse while Avery in possession of firearm and homicide. They are trying to prove innocent and demanding trials.

Part 1 showed viewers across the globe questioning the fate of Avery and Dassey if they were guilty or not. The second season followed the criticisms from the family of Terese Halbach and the prosecution. The second season ended with Dassey and Avery still behind bars. Although, there was a moment in the true-crime show when hopes were high for the release of the two convicts. But their hopes shattered as Wisconsin state filed emergency documents to halt their release.

Making A Murderer Season 3 Possible Continuation

Season 3 is likely to be turned into an anthology series. However, the story of the two convicts is still at large. Their supporters hope that they will walk out of prison as freemen after some time. With Zellner in the case, it is likely that she will prove them innocent as she has already solved the cases of 17 wrongful convictions.


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