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Who Is Dominic Roque’s Girlfriend & His Relationship With Bea Alonzo?

The Filipino actor and model Dominic Roque just made his relationship public. He is dating a fellow actress from the film industry, who can be seen with him in their vacation pictures that have become viral on social media. Dominic has been a huge name in the Filipino entertainment industry for years. He is also Beth Tamayo’s brother, Bukas Bibitayin Si Itay fame.

He has been modeling for print and commercials since 2018. His agency also pitched him to act in 2010, with his debut being in the Filipino drama Habang May Buhay. In 2013, he made his movie debut with the film called Pagpag where he played a ghostly spirit that would haunt people in their dreams.

Who Is Dominic Roque Dating?

Looking at the pictures he has posted with his beau, it is clear that Dominic Roque and Bea Alonzo are dating. The paparazzi first spotted the two together during a vacation last year in Japan. Dominic has been seen to declare his love for Bea on social media over the past year. It is not known if they have interacted in a romantic way.

Bea and Dominic, as requested by Bea, have always been quite private about their relationship. Recently on Dominic’s birthday, the couple were vacationing together in the US. They also went camping at Yosemite National Park in California together too. Dominic and Bea are enjoying their day trips together. On their trip, the couple attended Dominic’s aunt’s baby shower.

In my opinion, the relationship between Dominic and Bea is a bit ambiguous.
In my opinion, the relationship of Dominic with Bea is a little unclear.Dominic Roque’s Girlfriend

The Career Of Bea Alonzo

Filipino actress Bea Alonzo has had a successful career in the entertainment industry. After starting her singing career, she transitioned to soap operas and then on to acting.

She is best known for her portrayal in the lead role in I Love Betty La Fea. Currently, she has plans of writing and producing films with Ricky Lee. She also has a successful Youtube Channel which currently has over one million subscribers. Dominic Roque And Bea Alonzo Vacation In The US.

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Bea Alonzo’s Traumatic Past Relationship

Here’s what Bea Alonzo had to say about the guy she was dating first before she got engaged to Dominic Roque He has done a lot of damage and apparently does not care how he is hurting others.

In March, Gerald began dating Julia Barreto, the actress Gerald cheated on Bea with. He denies the accusation of cheating and says that he is happy with Julia. Talking about her current relationship, Bea said that she is looking forward to it. Dominic is a good guy, and she fears he may be too perfect. She wants to give him a try, but she has doubts given the events in the past.

Furthermore, Dominic is also known for dating television actress Anne Curtis, with who he was previously involved with the film project “Daddy’s Home”.

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