Jaden Smith Dating Tyler: Confirmed News, Know More About Jaden And Tyler Relationship

Do you all remember the cute little boy from the hit movie The pursuit of happiness? Jaden Smith was just a little boy who did his first-ever movie along with his father as the main role. The movie went on to become the most loved and highly rated movie of Will smith’s career. It was a breakthrough film in his career.

The emotional film is all about a father’s and son’s relationship. Smith undertakes an unpaid internship but in a brokerage firm. This is so because he runs out of money trying to sell a product he invested in. He is left with his son and he mans up to take care of his only child.


However, the cute little Jaden is not little anymore and has grown up to be quite famous among teens. Recently, he came out with his sexuality and opened up about his relationship with Tyler. He is dating Tyler who is also an American rapper like him and also a songwriter. He is best known for his grammy-winning album Igor. Their relationship was revealed in the Grammy’s itself after Jaden tweeted that his boyfriend just won an oscar. In view of his tweet, it created a storm among the media and the people.

Are Jaden Smith and Tyler the Creator Dating?


Jaden has an attitude of no concern giving in society. He walks out and talks about his sexuality with pride. He clearly expresses his gender and his fan following has no issues affirming to his gender. This shows the sensitive side of the people not throwing tantrums at others. Coming out as gender-specific is difficult at times like these but it’s easy for people who are mad popular among the fans.

Jaden also showed up at Luis Vuitton’s female collection for modeling, showing his open-gender attitude. While Jaden is proud and open about his gender, Tyler, on the other hand, is quite secretive about their relationship. Till then, let’s see how their relationship blossoms.


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