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Escape From Tarkov Patch Solves A Lot Of Problems

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Fixed probability of scams spawning at player locations. Battlestate Games plans to release a new update to Escape from Tarkov, covering some of the well-known tiring problems with swarms of players in the past. 

Players can now provide a brand new update to the game without being on the game server, which according to the developers, took up to 4 hours.  

The developers have been working on fixing some of the known issues while also satisfying the boisterous players who have not always been on the same page. 

PMC Voice is no longer a bug, and developers have allowed players to select the PMC voice sound in the Settings tab and reset the default option. 

Escape from Tarkov New Update

Escape from Tarkov was updated on August 18, 2021. This update includes a variety of changes and bug fixes to make the game better. The game has been replaced in the patch notes with a different fence status and improved exit locations for SCAVs.   

The list of new changes and update fixes is covered in the release notes for the August 20 Escape from Tarkov update. Fixed the possibility of players spawning incorrectly in card laboratories and fixed the ability to store quest items in places where they could be moved if previously stowed away.    

Escape from Tarkov Patch Notes

As you will see, the patch notes are brand new and have been replaced to make many bug fixes and gameplay modifications and fixed a problem with the type of Cyrillic icon on the player name screen. Players in Scavs are now guaranteed a positive reputation for successful extractions.   

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It fixed an issue where players could not be vulnerable on elevated surfaces. Fixed a bug that did not allow open offers by clicking on the offer window on the flea market screen. Battlestate Games refrained from publishing notes because they wanted players to explore the new content themselves.    

It fixed a bug where players of SCAVs did not become enemy raiders in reserve bunkers. Fixed logic notifications that exceeded the number of items loaded during a raid. Fixed SCAV spawning grounds on open areas next to repair and maintenance buildings in reserve sites. 

Fences no longer gain reputation when you kill a player with a Scav but kill the player without the Scavs. With these changes, you can find the complete list of corrections here. 

Escape from Tarkov brings with patch a lot of exciting changes and additions to their game. The game has witnessed breathtaking heights as a modern successor to other survival games like Day Z in recent years, and it is no secret that the developers have done an excellent job of preserving it. 


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