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Ishowspeed Net Worth 2022: Here’s What He Did After Being Banned From YouTube.

Numerous sources, including Social Blade and Net Worth Spot, estimate that American YouTuber and social media star Darren Watkins Jr, also known as IShowSpeed or Speed, has a net worth between $500,000 and $1 million.

As a gamer, Speed first rose to prominence on YouTube, and he became well-known for his live streams. His YouTube channel was created in 2016 and remained dormant for two years before he uploaded his first video, an NBA 2k18 shoot-around footage, in 2018.

iShowSpeed Net Worth in 2022, YouTube Subscriber Count

Due to the popularity of Fortnite, Speed attempted to play the game and perform a live stream that year, but neither endeavor was particularly fruitful. Speed was discouraged by this slow start and decided to postpone his YouTube career for the next two years to focus on his studies and football.

According to TechieGamers, a friend urged him to revisit YouTube after the epidemic, when he had nothing else to do and a great deal of free time. As one of the few streamers producing high-quality NBA 2k20 and 2k21 content, Speed again began with NBA-related content and, this time rapidly gained popularity.

IShowSpeed quickly diversified his videos by playing Five Nights at Freddy’s and Fortnite, resulting in a live stream-centric video. In June 2021, Speed became one of the fastest-growing YouTubers in the world after acquiring over a million subscribers in less than a year.

What are IShowSpeed’s revenue sources?

Speed’s valuation of between $500,000 and $1,000,000 comes from his YouTube channels and the AdSense revenue they generate. Aside from this, Speed earns a respectable living through sponsorships, tips from viewers of his live broadcast, and donations.

Speed has stated that, depending on the length of his streams, he can earn between $75 and $200 per upload. According to Social Blade, IShowSpeed’s monthly AdSense revenue is approximately $16,000.

IShowSpeed is once again in trouble with an adult Minecraft mod

On July 21, IShowSpeed decided to stream an adult Minecraft mod to approximately 90,000 YouTube viewers. He warned viewers that the content would be s**ually explicit, but proceeded to use a mod that displayed s**ually explicit acts.

Due to the certainty that he would be punished for the shocking act, the streaming community was astonished by it. Many others have been banned for similar infractions, even though what was displayed is not realistic due to Minecraft’s blocky aesthetic.

IShowSpeed informed his 2.9 million Instagram followers on July 22 that he had been banned. He displayed a screenshot of a YouTube message explaining that the stream had been taken down, earning him a violation of the community guidelines. Some fans claimed that IShowSpeed was being targeted unfairly and demanded that YouTube reverse the sanction.

Is IShowSpeed banned permanently from YouTube?

IShowSpeed responded to fans on his second YouTube channel with a brief video. He explained that he had not anticipated a strike and that he is no longer available on YouTube.

“Peace out, you guys; I love you, man. I regret that we were unable to reach one million together. But you already know I’m gone. Best wishes. It is sad, dude. I cannot predict when I will return. I cannot say whether I will return. You may never see me again, said IShowSpeed.

Some fans were confused by the video because IShowSpeed only has a two-week ban from YouTube. This two-week suspension is typical for channels with two strikes. IShowSpeed stated that he would never again appear on YouTube. This could indicate that IShowSpeed is voluntarily leaving YouTube, or that he is attempting to generate interest in his eventual return.




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