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Pokémon Go Fest 2021 Earned $21 Million In Just Two Days Latest News

Tickets to Go Fest last year cost USD 15, a steep price for the in-game experience, but Niantic reduced the cost to USD 5 for this year’s event. 

Unlike previous Go Fest editions with their Ultra Bonus events, this year’s Ultra Unlocks are a series of events that are scheduled after players have overcome several challenges in the Global Challenge Arena. Each Pokemon will have its event ticket when it becomes available.   

The days leading up to the pandemic should take place in a central location. In true Niantic style, a particular part of your city was released two days before the event began. 

Niantic Announced First Makeup Event

The company announced the first makeup event, but technical problems with Habitat blocked the first day of the event. 

This year’s Go-Go Fest featured a Global Challenge Arena segment available on the first day of Go Fest from 10: 00 to 8: 00 p.m. local time for ticket holders. 

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There were three sets of time for research and challenging preparation for Pokemon Go Fest 2020, which lasted six days and consisted of three regular tasks and an Elite Challenge Set. 

Pokemon Go Fest 2021 Revenue

Pokemon Go has earned a whopping 154 million PS154 million ($21 million) two days from its release in 2021. The event was the eighth game to generate $5 billion in revenue since 2014 when it took place last weekend.

While the event also introduced a mythical Pokemon, Meloetta, reviving ancient legends and raids, the event was profitable for Niantic, the Pokemon company. 

The mythical Pokemon appeared and marked the first time trainers had met and caught it in the game. 

According to Eurogamer’s five-year-old mobile game data, the event generated $21 million in revenue after completing Pokemon Go Fest 2021. Last month, it was confirmed that Pokemon Go had generated $5 billion in player spending in five years. 

Some people on the internet have enjoyed saying that the game has been dying since its launch in July 2016. The game has surpassed $5 billion in player spending, with total expenditure on players reaching $731 million in 2021.    

Pokemon Go Fest 2021 Is A Massive Success And Hit

Pokemon Go Fest 2021 took place this weekend and was a success for both players and Niantic. Unlike last year, Pokemon Go was held as a virtual event and was great for millions of trainers worldwide.    

On Saturday and last weekend, tickets to the event were one of the most profitable days for the game since it entered the stratosphere in July 2016, and that won’t be the 1 Day Kanto Tour event this year. 

Tickets cost $5, and the Pokemon company won its most lucrative weekend since the event a year ago.    

In just 16 hours, coaches caught 1.5 billion Pokemon, played 900 million Pokestops, completed 23 million raids, and covered 12.5 million miles, according to Niantic. 

With a handful of official face-to-face meetings worldwide, 2021 marks the second year in a row that Pokemon Go, the biggest annual event for mobile games, is being held. 

Over the two days of the game, players captured more than 15 billion Pokemon and spun over 900 million PokeStops as they walked over 125 million miles.  

Poken Go Fest Next Event

Niantic announced a new Pokemon Go fest on July 22, 2022, in Grant Park, Chicago, the first official event in the actual games – real life. 

During the event itself, the company refunded attendees’ tickets. It gave away $100 worth of gaming currency accounts and an iconic Pokemon that was to be released at the event. The fifth annual Pokemon GO Fest took place on July 17 and 18, with fans coming together in person to catch numerous pocket monsters.   

Since its release in 2016, several real-life events and gatherings have been held based on the augmented reality (AR) mobile game Pokemon Go by developer Niantic Labs and other official player meetings. 

The company set up many Pokemon theme parks in 2017 and 2019, with 2021 going to speak of a ‘light touch’ of places to be shared. In addition, the company announced Community Days, an in-game event where certain types of Pokemon spawn in large numbers, on January 20, 2018, with the first repeat being Pikachu Day.   

Despite the spontaneous shift, Pokemon Go Fest 2020 proved to be Niantic, building on last year’s lessons and making it one of the best events the company has ever held for the game. 

These elements together made this year’s Pokemon GO Fest special, and it was just my favorite event in the game so far. It’s going to be a fantastic year.   

5th Anniversary OF Pokemon Go

The developer of the game, Niantic, issued a press release after the festival. It is the franchise’s 25th Anniversary as a whole and the 5th Anniversary of Pokemon Go, the outstanding AR mobile game.   

Pokemon Incense Sticks had two makeup actions that could be captured using incense sticks for cardholders. Pokemon incense sticks in the shape of a ukulele could be used to lure people into the incense.  

After the server problems on Kanto Day in March, where some players were unable to play, as a result, I understand if you are skeptical about how this event will play out. 

Nintendo And Niantic Will Continue To Try With Mobile Versions

The expectation is not that you’re looking for Pokemon you missed the last time they were in the game, which some paid players might find easier with their bundled $21 raid pass. Unsurprisingly, the game calendar lists Pokemon that appear during raids.   

As profitable as Pokemon Go has been for Nintendo and Niantic, it is likely that the company will continue to experiment with mobile versions of its other popular franchises.   


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