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Full Explanation Of The Black Adam Scene After The Credits Have Finished

Fans who were present at the screening of Black Adam in theaters were left with some questions about the end of the movie, so here are some answers.

In the Black Adam scene after the credits, Dwayne Johnson finally makes good on his promise to change the order of power in the DC universe. Details here would be a spoiler, but it’s safe to say that the final stinger sets up the future of the DCEU. We’ve got everything you need to know about the scene right here.

We can tell you how long you should stay seated after the credits roll without giving anything away, so you can read the first part of our explanation even if you’re still in the theatre. Beyond that, though, we dive into major spoilers about what the scene actually shows. Don’t look any further for the most complete guide to the Black Adam scene after the credits.

How Many Scenes Are There After The Credits End?

There is only one scene after the credits end in Black Adam. It comes after the stylized credits, and it’s definitely worth staying for. But once you’ve seen this extra scene, you can leave, because there’s nothing else after the main credits.

If you’ve seen the scene in question, scroll down to find out what it all means, but be warned that this is a major spoiler for the whole movie and the scene!

Black Adam Post-Credits Scenes, Explained

After Teth-Adam beats the big bad Ishmael, the movie has a happy ending because the anti-hero destroys the king’s throne and calls himself Black Adam. But Amanda Waller has been watching him since the beginning of the movie.

She sent the Justice Society of America after him, and Teth-Adam was kept in suspended animation at a Task Force X black site until he broke out. Waller is obviously aware of him because she comes to talk to him.

Teth-Adam sees Amanda through a video link from a drone. She tells him that he has her attention, and then she tells him that Khandaq is his prison.

Black Adam says that no one on Earth can stop him, so she reminds him that she has people who aren’t from Earth at her disposal. The anti-hero tells her to send them all, and the anti-hero then breaks Waller’s drone.

We see a familiar shape, and then… Superman comes out of the fog! Yes, Superman, played by Henry Cavill, is back in the DCEU. He tells Black Adam, “It’s been a while since anyone made the world this nervous.”

He’s probably talking about himself, since Superman is the reason the original Suicide Squad was made, and Batman spent a long time trying to kill him in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. After that, Superman says to Black Adam, “We should talk.” The scene ends when Johnson’s character gives a smirk.

The Hollywood Reporter says that getting Cavill to come back for the movie was no easy task. According to the report, the idea to put him in the movie came up during reshoots in early 2022. Walter Hamada, who runs DC Films, reportedly said no to the cameo, so Johnson went to Michael De Luca and Pam Abdy, who runs Warner Bros. Pictures, and they said yes.

Then, talks happened before Labor Day (September 4), and the scene itself was shot in the middle of September. That’s a very short time frame for a release in October.

Johnson has also talked about how long it took to get Cavill back in the Superman role. “We fought for a long time to get you back. Every time they said no, “he posted on Twitter (opens in new tab). “But [producers Dany and Hiram Garcia] and I couldn’t say “no.” We can’t build the DCEU without the best superhero in the world. And fans will always be the most important. Welcome back! I’ll see you later on.”

Johnson has hinted that the scene is setting up a future fight between Black Adam and Superman. The actor told Jake’s Takes, “We’ll make Black Adam so that he’s the most powerful and unstoppable force on this planet” (opens in new tab). “The universe’s most powerful and unstoppable force has been sitting on the sidelines for too long.” Warner Bros.

reportedly wants Cavill back for a second Superman solo movie, and Cavill has now confirmed he will be back and hinted at more to come.

In an Instagram video, Cavill said, “I wanted to make it official that I am back as Superman” (opens in new tab). “And the picture on this post and what you saw in Black Adam are just a tiny taste of what’s to come.

So I have a lot to be thankful for, and I’ll get to that in a bit, but I wanted to say thank you to you guys first. Thank you for your help and for being so patient. I promise you that it will be worth it.”

Johnson has also said that a fight between Black Adam and Superman won’t happen right away. He said on Twitter, “That’s definitely not the next step” (opens in new tab). “We have a lot more long-term storytelling and introducing new characters to do before that historic DCEU showdown.”

So, it’s not clear yet if we’ll see Black Adam again in a direct sequel, but it seems likely that we’ll see more of him in the future. We might not see Teth-Adam again in a sequel, but instead in some kind of crossover between DC characters, which could include Superman.

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