Dororo Season 2 Release Date

Dororo Season 2 Release Date: Renewed or Cancelled?


When I initially began watching ‘Dororo,’ I had this continual smile on my face since the anime hit almost every note, transition, and scene perfectly. When I was beginning to assume that the Samurai anime genre was dying, ‘Dororo’ swept in and blew me away. 

And this is not just my perspective; many other anime fans share it. However, in many instances, first impressions of various items might be fantastic to fail you later. 

Expectations for the anime were already rather high, but its debut topped them all. It was astonishing to find that the majority of fans held Isekai in such high esteem during the age of Isekai, yet this is just after a first impression.

The manga for ‘Dororo’ is almost 50 years old and was created by ‘Astro Boy,’ one of the first anime episodes shown worldwide. If you look at the anime’s source material, it’s practically hard to see it as a current animation. 

However, you realize how wonderfully great the show’s animation is only once you begin watching. Apart from having an extremely high production value, the anime’s visual style is very simple to follow and has an unrivaled fluidity. 

Even from the battle sequences, it is clear that every aspect of the show has been meticulously planned and executed with a great deal of enthusiasm.

‘Dororo’ has been rated R for its violence, and I’m not taking that away from it since the classification is well appropriate given the vulgarity, darkness, and cruelty included inside. 

However, this darkness in execution ultimately shines through and helps it stand out in a world of current anime where only slice-of-life episodes seem to have a major position.

Given the anime’s recent release, I think that many people haven’t seen it yet. I cannot suggest it highly enough, and although it is too early to predict the show’s future, I can guarantee that you will not regret watching the first season. 

Overall, ‘Dororo’ is the real deal, combining beautiful animation with a dark universe filled with spectacular action sequences. Not to mention, the soundtrack is pure gold. 

The only thing left is the anime’s ending, which, if handled flawlessly, has the potential to make it one of the year’s finest anime series. Thus, hopefully, the season’s conclusion will not disappoint.

Dororo Season 2 Release Date

Dororo‘ season 1 debuted on January 7, 2019, and concluded on June 24, 2019, with 24 episodes. The prospect of a new season today depends entirely on the need for one. 

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As of yet, neither MAPPA Studio nor anybody else associated with the anime has confirmed the show’s continuance. Once the news is confirmed, we will update this portion of the article with the ‘Dororo’ season 2 release date, which may be as early as 2022.

Dororo Plot

Daigo Kagemitsu is a ruthless samurai who would go to any length to rescue his nation from extinction. He even makes a bargain with demons, and when they hear his pleas, they provide him all the power he craves, but at a horrible cost. 

Kagemitsu’s first child is born without limbs, a nose, eyes, ears, or skin, yet he survives. The self-centered warrior gives him no compassion and tosses him into a nearby river.

He is quickly forgotten, but a medicine man finds him and resolves to save his life by providing him with prosthetic limbs and weapons that enable him to defend himself in this terrible society. 

The youngster becomes stronger each day, and despite his inability to hear, smell, or see, he depends on his ability to sense what is going on around him. He must now go out and destroy all the demons who used him as a sacrifice and left him in such a pitiful state. 

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Each time he kills one of them, a piece of himself that is properly his gets returned. As he continues on this gloomy odyssey, he encounters and quickly befriends an orphaned child called Dororo.

The two castaways, abandoned by the planet in the past, now battle to improve it by eradicating every demon in their path.

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