Dororo Season 2 Release Date Status: Renewed or Canceled?

Dororo is an exceptional anime with a unique plotline that will captivate you from the first episode. The anime has interesting events unfolding from the start that will keep you glued to your seat the entire time.

The plot revolves around Dororo, a young orphan girl who becomes a thief after losing her parents.

On a fateful day, he meets a sixteen-year-old boy who saves him from a demon in an unusual way.

And that boy is Hyakkimaru, a human born with no limbs, face, nose, eyes, and so on.

Declare a human vital, and he lacks it. As the episodes progress, they make a round trip through Japan, destroying demons as Hyakkimaru’s body parts return one by one.

Dororo season one ended with Hyakkimaru embarking on his journey to become a human.D ororo promises to wait for her Aniki while following Buddha’s path (bro).

Dororo Season 2 is the most anticipated yet, as the anime grows in popularity. For the time being, the studio MARPA has made no mention of a sequel season.

However, fans are excited because many viewers believe it has the potential to be a great anime if properly planned.

In comparison to other mangas, the manga has only three full volumes. So it makes sense if there is no season 2. But the question is when, if ever, this action thriller will get a second season. Let us investigate.

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Dororo Season 2 Release Date and Announcement

The anime’s first season aired from January 7 to June 24, 2019.

The season, which consisted of 24 episodes, caused a stir due to its unique storyline and animation.

dororo season 2 release date

The epic season was two years ago. Then how about a second season? The answer, however, is still unknown.The next season of the show, co-produced by MAPPA and Tezuka Productions, has yet to be announced.

Across social platforms, no hint regarding the anime is there.

We’ll look at the source material to see if the adaptation is finished or if there’s enough story left for season 2?

Dororo Season 2 Storyline

If there’s one major reason why even many die-hard fans of the show aren’t expecting a renewal, it’s the lack of a clear plot direction.

The main character in the original manga has lost 48 of his organs (the human body contains about 78, according to Live Science), and regaining them requires a pretty epic years-long journey. However, in the new show, he is only missing 12, allowing the 2019 anime to conclude faster than the original manga story, which was canceled and given a rushed ending.

The new “Dororo” ends the story, but in a different way than the original (via Monsters & Critics) — it removes a plotline that would have put young Dororo and Hyakkimaru in direct conflict and leaves an open-ended conclusion with a foreshadowing remark from the narrator: “Biwamaru believes that something more than blood or despair lies ahead for those two young souls,” he says.

If a second season is made, it may go beyond the story enshrined in the original manga and take the characters on new adventures.

Dororo Season 2 Cast

While there is no English dub for the anime, the Japanese cast of Dororo (2019) includes:
  • Hiroki Suzuki as Hyakkimaru.
  • Shouya Chiba as Tahoumaru.
  • Akio Otsuka as Jukai.
  • Rio Suzuki as Dororo.
  • Nana Mizuki as Mio.
  • Mutsumi Sasaki as Biwamaru.
  • Chie Nakamura as Nuinokata.

Dororo Season 2 Trailer

The second season trailer will be released soon, but in the meantime, enjoy the first season trailer…

Some FAQs about Dororo Season 2

Will there be a Dororo season 2?

Mappa Productions has yet to renew “Dororo,” and it is unclear when this will happen. However, the first season is being re-dubbed into English and will reportedly be released on DVD and digital this summer, according to the Anime News Network.

What is the distinction between Dororo 2018 and Dororo 2019?

The only difference between the 2019 adaptation of Dororo and the original is Hyakkimaru’s speech. Because the anime is from 1969, it is all in black and white. The black and white of the 1969 adaptation and the cool dark colors of the 2019 adaptation are appropriate, given the show’s dark feel and themes, and aid in world-building.

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