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Terrifier 2 Ending Explained: How Did Terrifier 2 End?

Just when you thought the horror sequel couldn’t get any scarier, the film goes and does it anyway. In this installment of Terrifier 2, audiences find out what happens to Victoria at the end of the movie.

Damien Leone’s horror skills are at their best in Terrifier 2, an old-school splatter fest that is not for people with weak stomachs. But even though it’s fun to watch Art the Clown (David Howard Thornton) cause trouble on Halloween, sometimes it seems like he went too far with the violence, since the story of Terrifier 2 was also messed up.

Terrifier 2 has a lot of things that can’t be explained and strange things that happen at the same time, so much so that fans might leave the theatres wondering what exactly happened at the very end. Even though we don’t know much about the sequel yet, we’re here to find all the clues and tell you what happened at the end of Terrifier 2.

How Does Art The Clown Get To Be Alive Again?

At the end of Terrifier, Art is caught by the police while he is biting Victoria Heyes’ (Samantha Scaffidi) face. Art puts a gun in his mouth and pulls the trigger because prison is not fun. His body is taken to the morgue, but an evil force brings it back to life.

Terrifier 2 adds to the ending of the first movie by showing how Art kills the coroner in a brutal way. Still, no one knows for sure how and why Art was brought back from the dead.

But some details help make things clearer. First of all, Art is still missing an eye and part of his skull when he comes back to life. This is because he killed himself. But by Halloween the next year, Art is fully healed. So, it’s safe to say that the thing that brought Art back to life is also able to heal and rebuild tissue.

That would also explain why Art is so tough in the second movie, even though he keeps getting his head pierced.

The thing that brought Art back to life can also change its appearance to trick people who get hurt by the clown. It can look and talk like other people, and most people can’t even tell what its real face looks like. The thing also changes its appearance to get Art to trust it.

It dresses up as the clown’s first victim, a 10-year-old girl, to do this (Amelie McLain). Most of the time, the evil spirit is shown as a baby dressed like Art, but sometimes its eyes glow yellow to show what it really is.

At the end of Terrifier 2, the last girl, Sienna Shaw (Lauren LaVera), is finally dragged to a hellish underground dimension. So, even though there is no official confirmation, it seems like Art’s work to bring pain and chaos to Earth is being helped by the forces of Hell.

The Duel On The Terrifier

Sienna and Art have their final fight at the Terrifier, a scary ride in an abandoned amusement park where the cannibal clown killed his first person. During their fight, both of the siblings get hurt badly, but Sienna also hits Art with all her strength.

Everyone is bloodied and beaten until Art uses the sword that Sienna’s father gave him to stab the girl and push her into a hole. Inside the hole, Sienna sees herself drowning in a water tank as a monster’s tentacle pulls her down. It looks like this could be the end for her, but her brother’s calling gives her a second chance.

Jonathan’s hand and leg are eaten by Art, which makes the boy scream for his sister. The sword Art used to stab Sienna starts to glow, and the girl’s fatal wound is sealed shut. Sienna wakes up, pulls the tentacle off of her ankle, and climbs out of the water tank.

She runs at Art and Jonathan with the sword and cuts off the clown’s head. But that’s not the end. The evil thing gets Art’s head back and disappears into the shadows.

‘Terrifer 2’s End-Credit Scene Explained

In the last scene of Terrifier 2, we go to a mental hospital where Victoria is being treated. The night before Art’s second attack, Victoria gives an interview on a TV show, snaps backstage, and kills the host. But once she gets to the hospital, she goes back to being quiet.

In the scene after the credits, Victoria is alone in her room and writes insults on the walls with her blood after cutting herself. Victoria’s stomach starts to get bigger as if she were pregnant. Soon, the woman puts her fingers into her intestines and pulls them out to make room for her baby to come out.

When the nurse finds Victoria, Art’s head has already been born. Art’s face is being eaten by Victoria, and the clown is still alive. Victoria’s eyes are also yellow, just like the evil things.

It looks like the thing took control of Victoria. And if Art’s survivors can be used by bad people, that would explain why Victoria killed so many people. That would also mean that the Shaw siblings will be in grave danger in the future. Also, we know that the entity can heal wounds and grow new organs, so Art’s head could grow a whole body.

Terrifier 2 is in theatres right now, and on October 31, you’ll be able to watch it on SCREAM BOX. Check out the trailer for the movie below:

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