Amber Heard: Amber Heard Bikini “emergency” and “so much shade, so less time” pictures mock critics who called her out,making controversies out of her pictures!!!

Amber Heard sparks controversies once again. After being dubbed disrespectful for wearing a braless top to a mosque, now its her bikini pictures going viral. She calls out for her bikini “emergency” while on her tours in the water.

Amber Heard bikini emergency
source: Instagram

The Aquaman actress, 34, shared a picture of herself in a black bikini, carrying books. She terms it as “emergency that must be dealt with Immediately.” Her Instagram comment section still remains closed. Well! Her life really did turn topsy turvy.

Amber Heard posted another of her memorable pictures from Turkey. She is keeping herself away from mosques. After calling out to the critics, who slammed her for going braless, Heard maintains her safe distance.

So much shade so little time picture
source: Instagram

Her recent pictures captions, “So much shade, so little time,” is an irony in itself. While standing underneath colorful umbrellas, we’re certain that’s not the “shade” shes referring to. The way reporters, critics, Depp fans have thrown shade on her actions, shes probably reaching out to them in her intended pun.

Johnny Depp Amber Heard case
source: Instagram

Johnny Depp has filed a $50 million lawsuit against her for defamation. Her domestic violence charges, turned out against her, when witnesses spoke for Johnny Depp. Turns out it wasn’t Depp who was the “wife beater.”

The hearings are due in September. Till then we wish her “Happy vacationing.”

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