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Lucifer: Lucifer 5B to be the most emotional season. Why did Tom Ellis’s team advice him against campaigning for renewal? Is Tom Ellis being replaced in Season 6? Exclusive Details!!

Netflix released Lucifer season 5 A, on the 21st of August . The eager and enthusiastic fans got everything they were waiting for.

The season is a mixture of darkness and an emotional roller coaster ride. The reviews were to the point and good. Well, What’s not to like ?!

Lucifer: Season 5B what to expect?

Tom Ellis as Lucifer
source: Instagram

It was recently dubbed the “most emotional” season yet by showrunner Joe Henderson. It is also said that season 5B is going to be the most emotional season of the series so far.

Lucifer season 5A
source: Instagram

“Our most emotional chunk” were the comments made by the directors of the show.
“Lightness is mixed in but I feel like 5A started a little darker. 5B will be both brighter and even darker still and it’s always darkest before the dawn.” Woahhh!! Adds on to the glory of the show!

Lucifer and Chloe Romance:

Lucifer and chloe romance
source: Pure Fandom

After the darkness and mysteries of five series, the most awaited romance came into scene. The fans saw Lucifer Morningstar (Tom Ellis) and his partner-in-solving-crime Chloe Decker (Lauren German) in a romantic lovebond.

Chloe received his supernatural ability to bring out the desires of others. While on the other hand Lucifer realised that he’s only vulnerable around his “Detective”. We see that in the episode “Our MOJO.” Spoiler alerts !!

Subconsciously,Lucifer has accepted his emotions towards her.
The fans were waiting since long enough for the pair to become romantically involved apart from cracking crime mysteries.

source: Instagram

Tom Ellis on Lucifer and Chloe Romance:

Lucifer starrer Tom Ellis expressed that he was surprised about the romance happening so early in the season. But he knows, fans enjoy romance in between crimes.

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During an interview Tom said: “Obviously when we were shooting season five, for 95 per cent of the time, we believed that was gonna be the final season. So I think it was inevitable that we were going to get to that moment.”

He also said that fans couldn’t handle all the excitement altogether. Moreover if the show got Chloe and Lucifer together in the first season itself, he knew six seasons was not happening then.

lucifer and chloe
Source: Deviantart

“Unfortunately for our fans, you can’t have your cake and then eat it,” he added. “You want these people to be together, but we need that tension in our show to make it work and it has done up to this point”.

Well we all knew it had to come up one day, but this time Lucifer has earned it. While a release date for season five part two has not yet been announced, we know it will have eight episodes of total drama and romance. The season finally wasn’t entirely completed. It was halted due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Who plays God in Lucifer?

God in Lucifer
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The season leaves us in utter dilemma. Lucifer was about to say ‘I lo…’ and here it is, a Divine Intervention. We finally get the first look of God, played by Dennis Haysbert. Oh My Father!!

Tom Ellis: Why his team adviced him against campaigning for the renewal?

Tom Ellis team adviced him against campaigning for the renewal
source: Instagram

Lucifer earlier aired in FOX, for the first three seasons, until Netflix took over. Tom Ellis revealed about his team’s advice to campaign against Lucifer’s original cancelations.

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He revealed in an interview with the Guardian: “It was a strange time, because I was putting myself out there against my better judgement. Against the advice of some of my team even. Everyone kept saying: ‘Its very very unlikely that this will happen.’

Tom Ellis: Is he being replaced in Season 6?

Tom Ellis will not be replaced
source: Instagram

Tom Ellis has played the role of both, the devil, Lucifer and his archangel twin, Michael. His extraordinary persona and change of accents from British to American is commendable. His diabolic side reflects our own alter egos.

Watching Lucifer has been a journey of internalisation and introspection. Tom Ellis is brilliant and charming. No one could play the devil, had it not been for him. Earlier it was confirmed that he was not being replaced by Ian Somerhadler in Season 6. We breathe a sigh of relief! Team Lucifer forever.

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