Lucifer:What is the realease date for Lucifer Season 5 episode 9? Is the corrupt cop Malcolm returning for the last showdown? Eve’s coming back?Latest reveals!!!


Lucifer season 5A released on August 21 at Netflix. The cliffhanging dramatic ending of episode 8 left all the fans wondering.

Lucifer season 5B release date
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Lucifer Morningstar, the King of the Underworld got into a fight with twin Archangel Michael, both the characters are played by Tom Ellis.

While Amendiel (DBwoodside) fights on brother Lucifer’s side, Mazekeen (Lesley Ann Brandt) is lured to team up with the conniving Michael. Will Maze get a soul, or her soulmate?

Some sources reveal that Mazekeen’s love interest, and Adam’s wife, Eve(Inbar Lavi) may return. This will mark an interesting turn of events!!

Lucifer star Tom Ellis makes an announcement
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Our beloved cheerful nerd Ella Lopez (Aimee Garcia) is devastated to find out that her love interest Pete Daily (Alex Koch) is a serial killer. A tortured past ruins their present, but Pete has no trace of regret, however.

Lucifer is about to say “I Lo…” to his Detective, Chloe Decker ( Lauren German), time stops! No, it is not the romantic way, but literally!! Much awaited romance between Lucifer and Chloe.

Chloe Decker and Lucifer Morningstar together
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As God makes his divine intervention and grand entry the episode ends. God played by Dennis Haysbert, who came down perturbed by his sons fighting. Oh My Father!!!!

Lucifer: Release date anticipation

There has been no date finalized due to the COVID-19
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The productions for the finale was hindered due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 Pandemic. The filming needs to start before any release date is teased by Netflix.

Tom Ellis gave a anticipated release date on the pilot T.V podcast. He confirmed that they might start filming soon.

“I am not sure when they are goind to drop because we have still got like I say the finale and we’re about half way through it. We go back , we start with that and then go straight into season 6. So hopefully that will be ready to go I would imagine Christmas time or early next year.”

Fans are eagerly waiting for new episodes of Lucifer
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Ildy Modrovich and Joe Henderson revealed to Collider about new episodes.
“We didn’t know it would be quiet as long as a weight in between seasons. I think the intention was not to do that, and the honest truth is the second half will come our as soon as we finish shooting it.”

Shooting will begin as soon as safety is ensured
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“The challenges how do we make? One, how do we keep our cast and crew safe ? And Number two is how do we make a good show ?”

Lucifer: Will Malcolm come back for a final showdown?

Corrupt cop Malcolm may return
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The release date had not yet been finalized and fans are going crazy as what will happen next.

Another piece of information has been leaked out. The psychopathic murderer, corrupt cop Malcolm (Kevin Rankin) may come back!!

He discovered the truth of the After Life and made a tempting pact with the Devil himself.

Kevin in an interview to mentioned, “Malcolm was calibrated to burn hot and wasn’t meant to be around for long. I never like to force things…but if it happened naturally and there was a really story then they wanted to tell involving malcolm toend it all? #teammalcolm!!

In season 1, Malcolm was the closest and nearly succeeded in murdering Lucifer . Even though by the end of the season he was doomed to hell, to be tortured for eternity, Is he really coming back ? Will he be the one to end things?

Malcolm may bring the final showdown in Lucifer
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Detective Dan (Kevin Alejandro) insisted that he would love to be able to bring Malcolm back for the last show down.

Well the new awaited episodes might have a number of suprise elements in it. Team Lucifer forever!!!

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