What Could Be More Catchy Than Revealing About Jaden-Tyler Gay Love?

Many rumours are circulating on the internet regarding the alleged relationship between Jaden and Tyler.

It has become a trend to do something weird and catch the limelight. Generally, big celebrities do this. It baffles the audience to distinguish between the real true news and just rumour. Not everything that is being displayed over the big screens is real as well. Indeed, Tyler had been criticizing homosexuals in his raps and videos which creates dilemma amongst his followers.

Jaden and Tyler
Jaden and Tyler

Jaden Christopher Syre Smith or Jaden, is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, and actor. He is the son of Jada Smith and Will Smith. Jaden’s first movie position was together with his father in the film The Pursuit of Happyness.

His Relationship

Jaden has a good taste of women. Including Sarah Schneider and Kylie Jenner. Though recently he announced that he is dating Tyler. The recent news unveiled has broken the hearts of several ladies who either wanted Jaden or Tyler.

  Since some time the gay relationship between Jaden and Tyler are in top headlines. Tyler. Tyler Gregory Okonma, better known as Tyler, the Creator. He is an American personality.

Jaden Smith Dating Tyler
Jaden Smith Dating Tyler

This couple has an age difference of 9 years. Jaden is 21 and Tyler is 29. Tyler even attended Golden Globes this year. The fan wanted to hear something interesting about his relationship. Furthermore, he did not mention anything. However Jaden was extremely happy to receive the award from his love. He even revealed about them.

Tyler Past Relationships

Love For Jaden

Jaden and Tyler
Jaden and Tyler the creator

Several rumours are circulating on the internet since 2011, about Tyler’s affair. Firstly with Bertone. She is a model to whom he was dating. Though they dated for less time. After some years Milan was seen featuring in one of Tyler’s videos. Later on, Kendall Jenner and Tyler’s friendship was trending. People were gossiping about them being in a relationship. To which Tyler responded not being true. Even Kendall tweeted about their virtual dating seeing the rumours.

Will Smith is not happy with Jaden and Tyler relationship. Although he is happy that finally, love has found him. Indeed, Jada is also excited about Tyler being part of her family.

It can be seen that Tyler’s face turned pale recently due to Will smith. Along with he was worried about Jaden’s illness. Jaden switched to vegetarianism in last September, which did not suit his body.


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