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This is How Jennifer Garner Feels About Ben Affleck’s Marrying to Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Garner’s reaction to the news of Ben Affleck’s marriage to Jennifer Lopez, as well as the current nature of her relationship with Affleck, has been described in greater detail. A source told Entertainment Tonight how Garner and Lopez’s ex-husband Marc Anthony feel about Bennifer’s upcoming marriage.

“Marc Anthony and Jen, as well as Ben and Jen Garner, continue to share special places in each other’s hearts,” a source said. “There is no ill will between the parties, and their shared objective is to avoid any drama while putting their children first.”

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According to the source, Lopez and Affleck’s Las Vegas wedding was not spontaneous. “Jen and Ben’s wedding in Las Vegas was meticulously planned, but also private,” a source said. “They desired it to be a moment they shared with one another and their children, as well as the realisation of a shared amusing notion. It was perfect and a dream come true for them.”

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A source told Page Six earlier this week that Garner was informed one day prior to Affleck and Lopez’s Las Vegas wedding. “Ben did tell Jen about the wedding, but not until Friday at the earliest,” a “well-placed Hollywood source” told the outlet. “Very, very little planning was done in advance; it was largely spur of the moment. Violet, the 16-year-old daughter of Affleck and Garner, stayed home because she is extremely loyal to her mother.”

Garner has supported Lopez and Affleck’s relationship. A source told E! in April that Garner was okay with Affleck and Lopez getting engaged. Ben informed Jen and the children, so they were aware, according to a source close to Garner. Jen is happy for Ben and is aware that J.Lo has in some ways been a positive influence.

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