The Durrells In Corfu Season 5: Will Season 5 Will Be Made? The showrunner has expressed an interest in a spinoff.

The Durrell family might not be done with television. In the fall of 2019, the final episode of The Durrells in Corfu aired on PBS. However, showrunner Sally Woodward Gentle has hinted that she would be interested in another series chronicling the family’s further adventures.

“The Durrells in Corfu” is based on an actual event.

The Durrells in Corfu is based on Gerald “Gerry” Durrell’s series of autobiographical books. In the 1930s, his family, consisting of his widowed mother Louisa and older siblings Larry, Margo, and Leslie, relocated from England to the Greek island of Corfu. Gerry became a well-known naturalist as an adult. In three books, he described his family’s adventures in Greece: My Family and Other Animals, Birds, Beasts, and Relatives, and The Garden of the Gods.

The Durrells lived in Corfu for several years, but the looming threat of World War II eventually compelled them to return to England. In the final episode of the PBS series, the family bids farewell to the island and its inhabitants and shares a final meal before returning home (except Larry, who remains in Greece).

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The Durrells In Corfu Season 5 Release date

Season 5 of The Durrells in Corfu will premiere on Was it postponed?

When will season 5 of The Durrells in Corfu premiere?

ITV has officially cancelled the television series The Durrells in Corfu. The final season of The Durrells in Corfu will be Season 4. ITV does not have plans for the upcoming season, but nothing is certain. Season five has not been planned or scheduled as of June 2022. Sign up for updates and join our forums discussion if you want to be notified of any modifications. You can also view the IMDb page for The Durrells in Corfu.

Was Season 5 of The Durrells in Corfu renewed?

No longer airing on ITV, The Durrells in Corfu have been cancelled. Season four will conclude the series.

The plot The Durrells in Corfu

Based on the events surrounding the Durrell family’s relocation from England to Greece.

In 1935, financially strapped widow Louisa Durrell, whose life has fallen apart, decides to move to the Greek island of Corfu with her four children (three sons and one daughter). Once there, the family moves into a dilapidated, deteriorating old house that lacks electricity. But life on Corfu is inexpensive, a paradise on earth, and the Durrells proceed to forge their new existence with all of its challenges, adventures, and relationship-building.

The Durrells in Corfu rating by age 

The Durrells in Corfu is rated TV-PG, which indicates that it contains material that parents may deem inappropriate for their young children. Many parents will likely want to watch it with their younger children. The programme may contain one or more of the following: some suggestive dialogue, infrequent coarse language, some sexual situations, or moderate violence.

The Durrells in Corfu Season 5 Trailer

The Durrels in Corfu Season 5 is officially cancelled. we don’t have a trailer, so now enjoy some leaks of The Durrells in Corfu.

Some FAQs about Durrells in Corfu Season 5:

Have the Durrells in Corfu been canceled?

Yes, the cancellation of The Durrells in Corfu is official. There will be no fifth season.

When did The Durrells in Corfu first appear?

The Durrells in Corfu was initially published on October 16, 2016.

How many seasons are there of The Durrells in Corfu?

There have been four total seasons.

Netflix has The Durrells in Corfu.
We do not track Netflix release dates; you can check Netflix Dates to see if The Durrells in Corfu is available.

When does The Durrells in Corfu premiere?

ITV aired The Durrells in Corfu at TBA ET / TBA PT. You can also obtain The Durrells in Corfu flight times for various time zones.


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