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Shanquella Robinson Net Worth: Is Arrest Warrant Issued In Mexico For Death Of Shanquella?

North Carolina’s Shanquella Robinson, a model, entrepreneur, and social media star in her early twenties was well-recognized and talked about online. Shanquella Robinson‘s hair-braiding company was well-known across the community.

She ran the famous Exquisite Babie baby product line but died under unexplained circumstances on her birthday in Mexico on November 11th. Video of Shanquella’s assault by her pal has gone viral. Explore this online resource to learn more about her.

Shanquella Robinson Biography

Who was Shanquella Robinson? | The US Sun

Sadly, Shanquella, an African American woman barely 25 years old, departed away from our world. She joined the world in 1997. She has North Carolina roots; she arrived here via the city of Charlotte. Both Salamondra Robinson and Bernard Robinson were her parents. In 2015, she graduated from West Charlotte High School. She earned her degree from Winston-Salem State University this year.

When they found out their daughter had died, her parents expressed their profound sorrow. For example, her father mentioned in an interview that he always wanted to be a grandparent and watch his daughter get married, but now that she is gone, he will never get to see any of those things happen.

The family wants punishment for those responsible for their daughter’s death at the hands of harsh beatings and harassment.

Professional Life Of Shanquella

The Instagram star Shanquella Robinson. The handle she used was @its.quella_. Almost 46,000 people followed her on Instagram. She’d been a model before. She has posed for magazines and been included in picture shoots in such well-known locations as Miami, Las Vegas, and Jamaica.

She had made a name for herself in the corporate world. She managed two labels: Exquisite Babies, which catered to children aged 1 through 12, and Exquisite Boutique, which catered to ladies.

Shanquella Robinson Net Worth: How Much Wealthy She Was?

The successful entrepreneur Shanquella Robinson was well-known. She was the head of a fashion label, a successful businesswoman, and a provider for her family. Insight into her company was crucial to her financial success. A quick perusal of her Instagram page reveals that she has amassed quite a collection of designer purses. In the past, she has been to exciting destinations like California and Atlanta.

Shanquella Robinson’s Cause Of Death

North Carolina businesswoman Shanquella Robinson traveled to Cabo, Mexico, for a friend’s birthday celebration. However, her body was discovered only 24 hours after the group’s arrival. Her parents were told at first that she had died from alcohol poisoning.

However, the diagnostic tests revealed that she had suffered a shattered neck and cracked spine. Friends of Shanquella Robinson recorded a video of her being viciously beaten by a lady, and it quickly went viral on social media. Before her death, she was violently abused and battered by that woman.

Following the event, Shanquella’s parents called the FBI out of concern about the strange nature of their daughter’s unexpected death in Mexico.

In an interview, Salamandra mentioned that her daughter’s neck was fractured and that there was a split in her spine. Pictures given to the family showed what Salamandra described as swelling on her daughter’s face, a knot on her head, bulging eyes, and split lips.

Is Arrest Warrant Issued In Mexico For the Death Of Shanquella?

Mexican prosecutors issued an arrest warrant for a suspect in the death of an American lady in San José del Cabo. The warrant does not name the suspect in the death of Shanquella Robinson, a Charlotte resident. According to ABC News, a Baja California Sur prosecutor said the suspect was the victim’s buddy.

“This case is thoroughly clarified, we even have a court order, and an arrest warrant has been issued for femicide against the victim’s friend, the direct aggressor,” he reportedly stated.

“It wasn’t a fight but an attack. We’re following all relevant procedures, including the Interpol warning and extradition request to the U.S. It’s about a victim and a perpetrator…” Robinson’s death was initially considered to be alcohol intoxication, but a death certificate revealed “serious spinal cord damage with atlas luxation.”

Robinson’s mother, Sallamondra, told a television station she recognized persons in the video as her daughter’s friends. According to a police report acquired by the Charlotte Observer, Robinson may have been alive for several hours following her spinal injury.

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According to the report, one of Robinson’s pals needed medical help around 2:13 p.m. on Oct. 29. Robinson “drank a lot of booze,” was dehydrated and unable to converse but had stable vitals.

When Gutierrez tried to take Robinson to the hospital, the victim’s friends refused. Robinson had a brief seizure before her heart stopped, and police came, the Observer reported. Mexican authorities investigated the case as femicide earlier this month.

Salamandra Robinson demands answers from her daughter’s pals. “I want them all deported back to Mexico because they thought they wouldn’t be convicted,” she added. I want children to remember that she was caring. We’ll preserve her legacy.”

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