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Who Are Shanquella Robinson’s ‘Friends’? The Fbi Begins An Investigation

Shanquella Robinson‘s sad and terrible story raises so many questions, but they can all be answered with one word: Justice.

According to our sisters at HelloBeautiful, the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) is now looking into the suspicious death of Shanquella Robinson, who died while on vacation with friends in Mexico.

The federal agency is said to have helped Shanquella’s parents, Salamondra and Bernard Robinson, report their daughter’s death after Mexican officials said there was no foul play.

Shanquella’s autopsy report later said that she died from a broken neck and severe spinal cord injuries. This made everyone wonder what happened to Shanquella.

People are asking more and more questions about the death of a young black woman in Mexico, like who she was with and why her “friends” let her get beat up while at least one other person watched and filmed the fight.

Reports say that Shanquella Robinson died less than 24 hours after she and up to six friends arrived in Cabo at the end of last month. Even though the 25-year-death-old is sad, it was how she died that made a lot of people talk about it on social media.

A video is said to show Robinson getting beaten up badly by another woman in what looks like a hotel room with a balcony and a view of the tropics. In the video, the woman named Robinson doesn’t do anything to defend herself during the fight. In the short video, a woman named Robinson is hit in the head and face several times and then thrown to the ground before more blows are thrown at her.

It looked like at least two people were filming the violence: the person who took the video posted on social media and another person whose phone could also be seen filming the footage.

During the fight, a man’s voice could be heard telling “Quella,” the woman who was later identified as Robinson, to “at least fight back.”

The video below is violent and should not be watched by everyone.

Robinson had a broken neck and a “cracked” spine, which was found out by an autopsy. The Mexican government also found that Robinson didn’t have any alcohol in her body.

But what Robinson’s friends said was different from what the autopsy report said.

Robinson’s mother said that one of her daughter’s friends called and told her that Robinson was sick and had died from drinking too much.

Salamondra Robinson told Queen City News that everyone who was there with her had a different story to tell.

The friends went back to their homes in North Carolina without Robinson. Nearly two weeks after Robinson died on October 29, her family finally found her body.

At the same time U.S. State Department officials in Mexico have reportedly and strangely said that a police investigation didn’t show any signs of wrongdoing, even though an autopsy showed that Robinson was killed in a brutal way.

Even though Robinson’s friends haven’t been officially named, people on social media have posted the names and photos of people who they say were with her in Mexico when she died.

People on social media called for their friends to be arrested and charged for their alleged roles in Robinson’s death, but it is not clear if that can even happen since they are no longer in Mexico.

A social media video shows what is said to be a man who says he went to Cabo on his own a day after Robinson and the others did. In the video, the unnamed man says that he was told Robinson had alcohol poisoning and that he didn’t even know there was a fight.

Robinson went to Winston Salem State University, a historically black college where at least one of her friends in Mexico is also said to have studied.

A death notice posted online says that Robinson’s funeral will take place this Saturday in Charlotte.

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