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Shanquella Robinson’s Father Believes She Was Murdered In Mexico

Shanquella Robinson, who is 25 years old, took a vacation to Mexico with her father Bernard Robinson and some of her college friends from Winston-Salem State University.

Shanquella Robinson’s mysterious death in Mexico smells like a setup for her father. He told TMZ that he thinks his daughter was attacked as part of a bad plan.

Shanquella, who was from North Carolina, was found dead last month in her room in Los Cabos, where she was on vacation with a group of friends. Her friends told her parents that the 25-year-old died from too much alcohol. Shanquella Robinson’s Father Believes She Was Murdered In Mexico.

The woman from North Carolina who died at a resort in Mexico is thought to have been killed in a planned attack, according to her father. Robinson’s traveling companions first said she died of alcohol poisoning, but a homicide investigation was started after an autopsy found she had “severe spinal cord injury and atlas luxation,” which means the first two vertebrae in her neck were not stable.

Robinson’s death certificate didn’t say that she had been drinking, and a horrifying video that was going around on social media showed that she had been beaten inside the hotel room.

“Man, for them to do what they did, it looks like they were plotting… They couldn’t have done that where all her friends are, which is here. He told the outlet, “You know, it wouldn’t have happened  as that man did.” “Man, they just made a hole in my heart. My only child was that one. He was said to have said, “Man, I’m just heartbroken.”

“I can’t even be a granddaddy. Can’t even lead her down the aisle, man.”

Funeral held for Shanquella Robinson as family pushes for answers

ABC News reports that on Thursday, the State Attorney General’s Office of Baja California Sur confirmed the autopsy results and said that a femicide investigation had been started. Femicide is a hate crime in which women are killed because of their gender.

“Man, they just left her there, in that house. They left her there so that the housekeeper could find her. Don’t you know how painful it was for my daughter? “You know, she’s a small little something, and she’s got a small little frame, man,” her father said.

“I just want justice, man. I’m just angry, hurt, sad.” It was said that the FBI and Mexican officials were both looking into the murder. No arrests had been made.

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