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Who Is Shanquella Robinson? Cause Of Death Revealed As FBI Opens Investigation Into Her Death

Mexican prosecutors said Thursday that they have started looking into the death of an American woman who was beaten to death in a video that has gone viral. Prosecutors in the state of Baja California Sur said in a statement that they are looking into the death of a foreign woman at a resort in the town of San Jose del Cabo. They did not say who the woman was or where she was from.

A state official who didn’t want to be named confirmed that the person who died was Shanquella Robinson. The official told her that the group she was with had already left Mexico.

A video that looks like it was taken at a high-end villa in San Jose del Cabo shows an American woman beating up another woman.

Many people have shared the video again and again on social media sites. In it, you can hear a man with an American accent say, “Can you at least fight back?” The man didn’t seem to do anything to stop the beating.

Prosecutors said that Robinson was found dead in the villa on Oct. 29 by police.

Shanquella’s mother, Salamondra Robinson, told CBS News’s Anne-Marie Green and Dana Jacobson that Shanquella’s death was being investigated as a murder in Mexico.

“I was glad to hear that,” she said.

Salamondra said that Shanquella’s friends told her at first that she had gotten sick because of too much alcohol. But she found out later that there had been a fight, and an autopsy showed that she had been hurt in her neck and spinal cord.

Salamondra said that the autopsy showed that her death had nothing to do with alcohol.

Officials in Mexico said they couldn’t say for sure what caused the death because the case was still being looked into. Salamondra said that she knew it was her daughter when she saw the video. It made people wonder why no one stopped the beating or why the people she was with at the time would have beaten her.

“She didn’t fight back at anyone. She had no chance at all, “Salamondra said. Nobody did anything to stop it. Salamondra said that Shanquella was traveling with people she went to college with.

She said that one of the guys was said to be her best friend. “And he had gone on family trips with us, you know. He had also been to his family’s home.” Salamondra said that she hadn’t seen him since she found out the results of the autopsy.

Shanquella Robinson Death Could Be 'Criminal Matter,' Per Cabo Company – Rolling Stone

The mother hopes to find out more about what happened to her daughter, who she said had a “golden heart.”

“She was kind to everyone. No one was hurt by her. Never. Because she was a good person, no one could ever say anything bad about her “she told me.

In another case, in a different part of Baja California Sur, prosecutors said they had arrested three men and one woman after another American, Rodney Davis, 73, went missing on October 25.

Davis was last seen near El Juncalito beach in the town of Loreto, which is a long way north of San Jose del Cabo. Three people are being charged with kidnapping. After two days, Davis’s body was found on a nearby highway.

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