Scrubs Star Sarah Chalke Reveals If She’s Up For A Reboot And What Show Would Look Like in 2020

Scrubs has now been off our screens for a whole decade thus normally a few fans have asked whether the mainstream clinic-based satire dramatization would ever make a rebound.

Sarah Chalke Would Love to Go Sacred Heart

Star Sarah Chalke, who played Elliot Reid during every one of the nine periods of Scrubs, has recently brought us one bit nearer to a get-together, in light of the fact that she’s uncovered that she’d love to go to Sacred Heart.

Talking solely to Digital Spy about her job in Rick and Morty she affirmed that she’s quick to step again into Elliot’s perspective, saying: “I would completely be available.”

“That is to say, we had such an extraordinary time,” she said. “The majority of my 20s was on that appear. It was one of those enchanted circumstances where everything sort of met up. It’s so uncommon where you love the part, and the show, and the individuals, and we had a fabulous time making it.

“I believe that you know, perhaps what Zach [Braff, who played John Michael ‘J.D.’ Dorian] and Bill [Lawrence, the show’s creator] have implied and have discussed resembles… since everyone’s off in various ways, perhaps it’d accomplish something like what Psych did – by doing sort of a gathering that was a two-hour film, or something to that effect, for TV.


Scrubs Reboot

“Also, at the present time, Zach and Donald [Faison, who played Christopher Turk] are doing the podcasting specialists, which is excessively entertaining. I’ve adored tuning in to it – I’ve done it with them once – and simply hearing the narratives from 20 years back.

“It’s insane that it was two decades back. Be that as it may, such a large amount of it, you know, you overlook. So that has been extremely amusing to think back and consider.”

10 years is quite a while and if Scrubs made a rebound a few changes would be inescapable – so what does the on-screen character figure the show would look like at this point? It’ll not shock hear that she figures the flow coronavirus pandemic would be highlighted.

“I think in 2020, that would be fun, to see where each one of those characters is, and what stage they’re at,” she said. “I don’t figure you could do a scene of Scrubs in 2020 without referencing the pandemic.”


Chalke additionally disclosed that her emotions on that enormous Rick and Morty fan hypothesis that her character Beth Smith has really been a clone for quite a while, saying she thinks it is “managed in such an astonishing route in season 4”


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