Justin Bieber: Justin Bieber’s workout video is some serious goals!! Check out Justin Bieber’s new clothing line “DrewHouse’


Justin Bieber, 26, singer, shares an aesthetic picture and workout videos in his IG story. His workout will give you all some serious flex. During quarantine,  many celebrities have shared their workout pictures,  videos and instruction, to keep your body healthy. These home workouts, can easily keep you fit and going amid pandemic when gyms are closed in many places due to strict lock down measures.

Justin Bieber took to Instagram sharing some using tips on working out. Wearing an olive shorts, coral printed headband and socks, his videos giving us some serious goals. He insists on “proper form” and working out slowly for better results. We all are aware that forms play an important role while working out. Wrong forms are not only ineffective but also leads to serious body aches and deformities. He also focuses on the ” breathing pattern” another important thing that helps focus on the muscles engaged.

Seeing Justin’s workouts we might as well try some ourselves.

Justin also shared a fun video with his pal. Where they are dancing. His friend is unable to find Justin’s pocket and therefore cannot sync coordination with Justin’s easy moves. “When your boy just can’t find the pocket”, captions Justin. White baggy t shirt and striped shorts completed his look.

Justin Bieber has also launched his new range of merchandise. His street style wear, and the smiley logo, is eye catching and fun. His recent advertisement campaign features Jaden Smith. Justin Bieber to feature  in Jaden Smith’s new album “Cool Tape Volume 3.” “DrewHouse”, Justin’s fashion house, is fun and colorful and was launched this year, January. Do check out!!!!


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