Persona 5 Royal Deleted Scene Shows That [SPOILER] Is Alive

A deleted scene from Persona 5 Royal shows what a certain character did following their apparent death earlier in the game. Spoiler alert for Persona 5 Royal’s Third Semester and true ending.

Persona 5 Royal Deleted Scene Expands On A Character’s Fate

This unused cutscene shows Goro Akechi, one of the game’s antagonists, seemingly alive and well at a rehab centre. In the original game, as well as for a portion of Persona 5 Royal, we think he died on Masayoshi Shido’s palace. Twitter user Pan-hime discovered it in the Chinese version of the game. The scene’s English translation is currently up on Faz’s YouTube channel.

In this scene, Akechi is talking to two of this rehab centre’s attendants. He mentions that he joined the centre on Christmas eve “last year”, and that he knows of it because they once helped his mother. He also mentions that he’s now going to Tokyo to help return the favour to someone who took care of him.

Persona 5 Royal Goro Akechi And Joker
Source: DualShockers

Deleted Scene Shows Akechi In A Rehab Centre

This “someone” is presumably Joker, the main character. The timeline of when this scene happened is a bit confusing. Those who have played through Persona 5 Royal’s Third Semester know that the events after the Phantom Thieves defeat the God Of Control occur in an alternate reality of Dr. Takuto Maruki’s creation.

Once they defeat Maruki as well, everything goes back to normal. The game then seems to imply that the only reason Goro Akechi is alive in this alternate reality is that Maruki knows that Joker, the player character, wanted him to be.

Persona 5 Royal Takuto Maruki
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Akechi Seemingly Survived Shido’s Palace In Both Realities

This deleted scene seems to go against that, though. It implies that Akechi never died on Shido’s palace in either reality. In Maruki’s reality, he shows up on Christmas eve and confesses his crimes. This allows the main character to avoid jail time and thus kicks off the Third Semester.

However, this deleted scene seems to imply that in the regular reality, Akechi simply went to this rehab centre instead of confessing his crimes. As a result, the player ends up in juvenile detention as they did in the original, as well as near the end of Royal.

Persona 5 Royal Black Mask All-Out Attack Finisher
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Persona 5 Royal Ending Is Less Ambiguous With This Deleted Scene

We then see a montage of all of the player’s Confidants protesting to get him out of prison. According to Faz’s explanation, that’s when this scene takes place. That means this scene would’ve taken place sometime in February in the game’s calendar.

It’s pretty interesting stuff, but I much prefer the way things play out in the game. We don’t know whether he’s alive after we defeat Maruki. All we get is a glimpse of someone with a uniform that’s similar to his at the very end. The emotions hit a lot harder because of the ambiguity.


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