Rupert Grint: Rupert Grint aka Ron Weasley celebrates his 32nd Birthday!

Rupert Grint is known for his iconic Harry Potter character, Ron Weasley. Weasley, completed the best friend trio, and played a major balancing role.

Rupert Grint with his birthday cake
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We have seen Rupert Grint grow in front of our eyes, and he turns 32?!! He became an integral part of the Harry Potter cast at the age of 11. 8 Harry Potter films through, Rupert is now a grown up fella.

Rupert Grint: Characters 

Grint is also known for starring in movies: Thunderpants, Wild Target, Into The White, Cherrybomb, Driving Lessons and Moonwalkers. He has been the executive producer and played Charlie Cavendish, in the 2017 Television series remake, Snatch.

Rupert Grint
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Though outside Harry Potter movies, his filmography is very limited, yet each character he has played, is expressive and iconic.

Apart from JK Rowling’s strong prowess, it’s the infallible cast that ensures Harry Potter’s huge success. Rupert Grint played Ron Weasley, a rather bildungsroman character.

His insight as a character was mind blowing. Out of all the three friends, Weasley was the most humble yet insightful. He added the humor and balance. When Harry and Hermione got into their heads, Ron pulled them back to reality.

Fans birthday wishes
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Ron’s transformation was by far the most prominent and drastic. He was the hope in the face of hopelessness. Though he never had the right words to express his feelings, Ron was loveable and an extremely loyal friend.

Wishes from Daniel Radcliffe:

Daniel Radcliffe wishes Rupert Grint
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Co-star and friend, Daniel Radcliffe, aka Harry Potter wished his other half a Happy Birthday. Sharing a picture of Grint celebrating his day, Radcliffe wrote, “There is no better gift than spending his birthday with the family and friends, especially his little daughter. Have a fantastic one.”

Daniel Radcliffe post
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Daniel Radcliffe had also shared a series of pictures of Rupert Grint. Rupert had put on a funky ‘happy birthday’ specs and carried the iconic “Gryffindor” cake. He captioned the picture, “Happy 32nd birthday Rupert Grint! @r88grint. Thanks for all the smiles and laughs. Cheers!

We too wish our beloved Ron Weasley a very Happy Birthday!!

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