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Taylor Swift: A new chapter in ‘Folklore,’ “The Sleepless Nights Chapter.”

Taylor Swift is back with season 2, I mean chapter 2, of her Hit album ‘Folklore’- The Sleepless Nights Chapter.

Taylor Swift Sleepless Nights Chapter
source: Instagram

Folklore Chapter 1 is The Escapism Chapter. Tay’s ‘Folklore’ at its fourth week, of being at the top of the Billboards Top 200. She re-ordered the songs under this title, to fit into her definition of perfection.

The Escapism Chapter and Taylor's thoughts on it
source: Twitter

Taylor expressed in a tweet, “In my head the songs on ‘Folklore’ for together in different ‘groups and chapters’ based on how they fit together thematically. I want to share the first one today, Folklore : The Escapism Chapter.”

The Escapism Chapter tracks
source: Billboards

She took half a dozen of songs, opening with the bonus track, “Lakes.” It swiftly moves to “Seven” ending with the Bon Iver collab, ” Exile.”

Twitter post on chapter 2
source: Twitter

Her Chapter 2 arrangement,with further 6 songs, open with Bon Iver collab ” Exile”, streaming down to, “Hoax” ending with “Mad Women.”

Tracks from the Sleepless Nights Chapter
source: Apple Music

We are very excited and happy, and continue to look forward for new records, Folklore breaks!!

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