Persona 5: Dataminer Finds Alternative Valentine’s Day Scene For Kasumi In Royal

Persona 5 Royal has been out for a couple of months now. It’s an expanded version of Persona 5, which originally came out in Japan in 2016, and then in the West in 2017. The new characters and stories that come with Royal make it a treat to play, even if you’ve already finished the original.

Persona 5 Royal’s Addition Of Kasumi Makes It A Better Game

Building relationships with a bunch of characters is a huge part of the Persona series. Some of these relationships can also end up romantically involving the protagonist with these characters.

This includes the character of Kasumi Yoshizawa, one of the additions to Persona 5 Royal. Her storyline is easily one of the game’s highlights. It’s a tragic, depressing, but ultimately fulfilling character arc. She’s also impossibly nice, so it would make sense if many players decided to date her.


Dataminers Find Alternative Valentine’s Day Scene For Kasumi In Persona 5 Royal

They may not necessarily have liked the way Atlus had planned for Valentine’s Day to play out if you do end up romancing her, though. YouTuber Faz, who regularly posts unused cutscenes and events from Persona 5 Royal posted this one on his channel.

Twitter user Pan-hime found it originally in the Chinese version of Persona 5 Royal. Apparently, in this version of events, Kasumi doesn’t show up at Leblanc for Valentine’s Day. She instead ends up sneaking her chocolate into the protagonist’s bag. Morgana, your talking cat, ends up finding it and gives it to you in school before your class starts.

Kasumi’s Alternative Valentine’s Day Scene In Persona 5 Royal Is Somewhat Sad

It’s a sweet, but distant Valentine’s Day event. There are many special events throughout the game where you get to hang out with your romantic partner. However, because of the way Kasumi’s story plays out, you can’t hang out with her in any of them.

It’s a relief that Atlus decided to go with a traditional Valentines Day event for her. It’s a better pay-off to her story.

Persona 5 Royal is out now for the PlayStation 4.


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