The Legend Of Heroes Ao No Kiseki To Get A Fan Translation On PC?

The Legend Of Heroes: Ao No Kiseki, is going to get a fanmade English translation soon. This translation is coming from GeoFront. This is the same team that worked on the fan translation for The Legend Of Heroes: Zero No Kiseki.

Next The Legend of Heroes: Trails Game Will Arrive by September 2020. The next entry in the The Legend of Heroes: Trails series will arrive by September

GeoFront Working On Translating It: Ao No Kiseki

They announced this project with an update on their website, along with a trailer. “With great excitement, the Geofront is formally announcing its upcoming localization of Nihon Falcom’s The Legend of Heroes: Ao no Kiseki. Or, as we like to call it, The Legend of Heroes: Trails to Azure!”, they wrote.

Fans will be happy to know how far along they are with this translation project, too. “Editing has reached 75%. Trails to Azure was always something that the team wanted to do, and we felt that the community deserves this entire, wonderful duology in all the glory it deserves,” they added.


The Series Takes Place In A Connected Universe

For fans of The Legend Of Heroes series, such as myself, this is incredible news. The series’ English releases have been a topic of frustration for many fans in the West. All games in The Legend Of Heroes saga take place in the same world, but with different characters and places throughout.

The first three games in The Legend Of Heroes saga, the Trails In The Sky trilogy, already have official English localisation. That trilogy of games takes place in the Liberl region of the game’s world. The next game in the series that’s officially out in English is Trails Of Cold Steel. The entire Cold Steel saga takes place in the Erebonian Empire.


English Translations Of The Legend Of Heroes Series Are A Frustrating Topic

However, there are two games in the middle of the Liberl trilogy and the Erebonian series which take place in the country of Crossbell. These are Ao No Kiseki and Zero No Kiseki. Neither of these games have official English translations, though.

That’s where GeoFront’s fan translations of come in. It will help players in the West enjoy the entire series without missing a piece of the story. The only issue is that The Legend Of Heroes: Ao No Kiseki is only out on PC in China, which is what their translation is for.

However, those are details that they’ll have to figure out. Until then, The Legend Of Heroes: Trails Of Cold Steel IV comes out officially in the West in Q4 of 2020 on PS4.


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