Months after the Dodson case has come to an end, the scion of a powerful oil family is brutally murdered. When the DA goes to the city’s Hoovervilles to pinpoint the most obvious of suspects, Perry, Della, and Paul find themselves at the center of a case that will uncover far reaching conspiracies and force them to reckon with what it truly means to be guilty.

Perry Mason Season 2: Plot

Perry Mason Season 1: Recap

The first season of Perry Mason ended with innocent defendant Emily Dodson’s case being called a mistrial because Pete paid off one juror to vote not guilty. In contrast, the two others came to the same conclusion.

Emily was permitted to travel with “Baby Charlie,” who was not her actual child brought back to life. Instead, Birdy set up “Baby Charlie” as a bait and switch to persuade Sister Alice to keep her promise that she could revive Charlie.

In the meantime, Pete left to work for Hamilton Burger, bad cop Ennis got what he deserved when his partner Holcomb drowned him in a fountain, and Perry and Della Street started their own business with Paul Drake as their investigator.

Where To Watch Perry Mason Season 2

With the second season of “Perry Mason” coming up, it might be interesting to see how the main character went from being a detective to a lawyer. It would help to learn more about Della Street and Paul Drake’s pasts.

Or you haven’t seen the first season of the HBO period drama and want to watch the mystery unfold for the first time. No Matter Why, Season 1 of “Perry Mason” can be found on HBO Max.

Perry Mason Season 2: Trailer

In February 2023, the full trailer for the second season of Perry Mason came out. Look Below:

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