NYC Keeps On Changing Secondary And High Secondary School Application Measures Amid Covid Pandemic

NYC Keeps On Changing Secondary And High Secondary School Application Measures Amid Covid Pandemic

STATEN ISLAND, New York — New York City students and guardians should endure somewhat more to discover when they have to apply for secondary and higher secondary school for the 2021-2022 school year as the educational institutions are yet to give updates on the deadlines due to this Covid pandemic situation. 

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The city Department of Education (DOE) as of late declared that the secondary and higher secondary school confirmations had been postponed because of the pandemic situation created by the Coronavirus — including the beginning of the customary school year, which started fourteen days after the fact than in years past. But the DOE stated that some admission procedures are still being changed and adjusted. 

 Katie O’Hanlon, a representative for the DOE, said that Coronavirus had had a significant effect over each part of the educational system. Therefore they have refreshed their pre-pandemic confirmations timetable to guarantee families have sufficient opportunity to investigate their choices preceding the process of launching. 

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Katie O’Hanlon said that DOE understands that families, schools and community leaders are eager for more information. And they will soon share more details around the updated timeline, including the deadline for middle, high school applications and the dates for SHSAT [Specialized High School Admissions Test] administration.

The DOE admission teams informed guardians that recently reported affirmations cutoff times and key dates are being modified considering COVID-19, including the SHSAT enlistment and organization, and centre and secondary school applications.

Secondary and higher secondary school applications were at first due by Dec. 4. However, this cutoff time has been postponed until an unknown date. Enrollment for the SHSAT, which was at first due by Oct. 21, was likewise deferred. It’s indistinct when enlistment will be expected, or when the SHSAT will be conducted.

The DOE said it’s focused on giving a plentiful chance to families to investigate schools and apply once that process begins. It as yet intends to start the SHSAT, but it will be later than the recently reported data. The DOE claims to provide an updated and detailed timeline to the students and guardians soon. 

As indicated by the DOE, 2019-2020, attendance and timeliness won’t affect applications to secondary or higher secondary schools for understudies entering secondary school in fall 2021.

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What Are The Students And Guardians Supposed To Do Now?

Now students and guardians can browse the schools, their various programs and processes. It is a straightforward and hassle-free process, and also an individual does not require to create an account to browse these things. 

You need to put a school name in the search bar to view the details of it, its features or offerings, such as “debate” or “band.” You can also add filters according to your choices, such as accessibility, location, sports offered, and more. Amid the pandemic situation, schools are also offering virtual open houses. 

All New York City kids have ensured a seat at a public secondary and higher secondary school. You can apply to centre school when your youngster is in their last year of primary school, and apply to secondary school when your kid is in their previous year of transitional school.

All the public school students, private school students, students with disabilities, students with accessibility needs, students learning English, students in temporary housing, and LGBTQ and gender nonconforming students are welcome to apply to secondary or high secondary schools.


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