Move To Heaven Season 2: Netflix Release Date Status, Trailer, First Look And More

‘Move to Heaven’ is a South Korean TV drama series based on “Things Left Behind” by former trauma cleaner Kim Sae-byul. It follows a young man named Geu-ru who has Asperger’s syndrome.

Along with his uncle, Sang-gu, he works as a trauma cleaner, delivering the final items or messages of those who have recently died to their loved ones.

Since Move To Heaven Season 2 premiered on Netflix in May 2021, fans have been clamoring to learn about Han Geu-future Ru’s love interest.

Indeed, the previous season concluded with Gue-Ru discovering his first love. However, whether the series returns to examine the beliefs of the other characters is unknown.

Gue-Ru and his father, Jeong-woo, own a trauma cleaning service in Move To Heaven.

However, his uncle joined him upon his father’s death, who disclosed some dark secrets about the firm and Jeong-woo. Despite his Asperger’s diagnosis, Gue-Ru made a significant decision in his life, putting his friend Na-faith Mu’s in jeopardy.

Yoon Ji-uplifting Leon’s story has won over many viewers worldwide. They are now eagerly awaiting an update on the forthcoming season following season 1. If you, too, are one of these fanatics, rest assured that we have you covered.

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Season 2 of Move To Heaven: Is It Happening?

Typically, K-dramas are presented as limited series with a distinct beginning, middle, and finale. The cliffhanger finale of Move To Heaven, on the other hand, left the massive door open, hinting at a possible love interest in Han Geu-life.

Ru’s To be sure, the first season premiered on Netflix in May 2021, and the streamer typically takes a couple of months to decide whether or not to renew a series. However, as the show debuts on Netflix, it quickly becomes one of the most popular shows on the streaming service.

Additionally, the series scored nine out of ten stars on The Review Geek, five stars on NME, and an 8.7 out of ten on IMDb. Meanwhile, the critics claimed that the series is intelligently written with a superb screenplay and a compassionate stance on dying.

However, it is unknown when Netflix will remark on the future of the show’s second season. However, we may anticipate that the streamer will reveal its choice shortly, given the strong response.

When Will Move To Heaven Season 2 Return?

Netflix has not yet revealed the series’ fate. However, given the show’s huge popularity, we may anticipate that Move To Heaven will return shortly for a second season.

Thus, Move To Heaven Season 2 might resume mid-2022, assuming the following season does not suffer any problems.

What Could the Plot of Move to Heaven Season 2 Be About?

Sang Gu accepts Geu Ru’s guardianship in Season 1 due to the chance of financial gain. By the end of the first season, he has developed a strong emotional bond with his nephew and has abandoned any ulterior intentions for being with him.

move to heaven season 2

In season 2, we may anticipate Joo Young returning as an antagonist seeking vengeance against the uncle-nephew combo whose acts contributed to the gambling ring’s demise.

Season 1 depicted Geu Ru’s challenges with Asperger’s syndrome eloquently, and while his recovery has been astonishing, it remains to be seen how his character evolves from here.

We may witness a different side of him as he and his family encounter new obstacles and adversaries.

Additionally, because Na-mu harbors romantic feelings for him, their connection is anticipated to blossom in the upcoming season. The difficulties that occur due to their romance will be fascinating to observe.

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Who Might Join The Cast Of Move To Heaven Season 2?

It is unknown whether the streamer will return for the second season of Move To Heaven. However, it is safe to assume that Lee Je-Hoon will reprise his role as Cho Sang-gu and Tang Joon-sang will reprise him as Han Geu-Ru for the second run.

Additionally, we may anticipate Ji Jin-hee reprising her role as Han Jeong-woo and Kim Ju-Yeon reprising her role as Min Ji-won as Geu-memories Ru’s and flashbacks. Additionally, other coworkers at Jeong-place woo’s of employment would return.

Lee Moon-Sik would reprise his role as Park Joo-Taek, I’m Won-hee would reprise her as Oh Hyun-chang, and Hong Seung-hee would reprise her role as Yoon Na-mu.

Move To Heaven Season 2 Trailer

Check out the season 1 trailer here:

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