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Inside Job Season 2: Netflix Release Date, Cast, Leaks, Trailer & More


What if all the outlandish conspiracy theories prove to be true? They are, according to Netflix’s ‘Inside Job’! This fun adult animation series centers on Reagan Ridley (Lizzy Caplan), a bright and inhibited scientist, and her colorful coworkers at Cognito Inc. This shadow government agency secretly rules the world.

‘Inside Job,’ created by Shion Takeuchi, is the streaming giant’s first foray into adult animation. It combines the drama of a workplace comedy with the bizarre eccentricity of far-fetched conspiracy theories.

‘Inside Job’ combines mature humor, a toxic father-daughter dynamic, ridiculous conspiracies (hello, lizard people! ), weirdly satirical takes on social themes, and devastating emotional crises.

People are really curious about the future of this show. Will there be a 2nd season of ‘Inside Job’? Will we see more of the Illuminati and Flat-Earthers in the future? Here’s all you need to know about the second season of ‘Inside Job.’

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Is there a release date for Inside Job Season 2?

Season 1 of ‘Inside Job’ aired on Netflix in its entirety on October 22, 2021. The season consists of ten episodes, lasting between 26 and 31 minutes.

So, what’s the deal with season 2? There is currently no official word on the renewal of ‘Inside Job.’ Netflix is likely to wait and see how the first season does before deciding the show’s future.

However, given the massive and continuing success of other adult animated shows such as ‘Bojack Horseman,’ ‘F is for Family,’ ‘Big Mouth,’ and ‘Rick and Morty,’ we will not be surprised if ‘Inside Job’ returns for a second season.

Additionally, season 1 ends on a cliffhanger, necessitating a season 2 to learn the fate of Ridley and Cognito Inc.

Takeuchi appears to have a sufficient amount of material for future episodes. “I wish I could spend more time exploring all the many side characters and departments that we didn’t get to visit. [Because] In shorter orders, it’s as if you’ve got ten and eight. As in, you have to be quite selective about what you put on TV,” she explained.

In its initial outing, ‘Inside Job’ has unmistakably developed highly explorable ideas and storylines. “We have a lot of content that didn’t fit perfectly and would be a lot of fun to explore at some point,” Takeuchi remarked.

With its humorous and ridiculous premise, it appears as though the plot possibilities for ‘Inside Job’ are virtually limitless. Additionally, when Netflix ordered the adult animation series for the first time in 2019, it stated that the show would consist of 20 episodes.

As a result, it does not appear implausible that the streaming behemoth will renew its first-ever in-house animated series for another season. If ‘Inside Job’ is renewed for a second season, we may have to wait a bit before seeing it on our screens.

Considering all available facts and assuming a renewal occurs shortly, we may anticipate the premiere of ‘Inside Job’ season 2 in Q3 2022.

Until then, you may have a look at the bizarre and funny quiz website that the streaming giant has created for fans interested in applying to Cognito Inc. and assessing their level of conspiracy-theory paranoia.

Hey, an official renewal announcement should be forthcoming if the site is any indicator! Until then, let us keep our fingers crossed and our eyes wide open, as the shadowy overlords are constantly on the lookout.

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The Inside Job’s Season 1 Finale Sets the Stage for Season 2

Inside Job, season 1 concludes with the revelation that Reagan’s father, Rand Ridley (Slater), has messed with her mind to focus her attention on extending his legacy at Cognito, Inc. Naturally, Reagan confronts her father and the subsequent uproar results in her termination from the company.

Finally, Rand assumes the role of CEO as the main shareholder. The cliffhanger ending of The Inside Job, season 1, opens up a world of possibilities for season 2.

Being the ambitious genius she is, Reagan will undoubtedly find ways to overthrow her father’s control, liberate herself from business succession constraints, and make a difference in the world. She may also improve her ability to negotiate relationships, particularly if new characters are added in Inside Job season 2.

Who might we expect to see in Season 2 of The Inside Job?

As far as we are aware, there are no cast details for the second installment of the series. As we all know, there are speculations about a second season, which means there may be some new faces in the series, which might be unveiled shortly.

Inside Job Season 2

Reagan Ridley is played by Lizzy Caplan, Christian Slater plays Randy Ridley, Tisha Campbell plays Gigi Thompson, Andrew Daly plays J.R. Scheimpough, Chris Diamantopoulos plays Robotics, John DiMaggio plays Glenn Dolphman, Bobby Lee plays Dr. Andre, and Brett Gelman plays Magic Myc.

Season 2 of Inside Job: Plot

Nothing is known about the specific narrative of season 2, although everyone anticipates that the show will pick up where the first season left off.

This animated movie follows Cognito Inc., a top-secret government organization that manages various government functions and protects citizens from digital fraud.

The cartoons or characters in this company are aware that these conspiracies are true, and members include Regan, played by Lizzy Caplan, Randy Ridley, played by Christian Slater, Brett Hand, and Gigi. They are constantly attempting to protect the world from these conspiracies as they become aware of them and save everyone.

Regan, Randy’s daughter, follows in her father’s footsteps and gets into mischief while in his company.

However, she must now share her efforts with Brett’s new employer. The story concludes with Regan and her employees attempting to track down an agency spy who jeopardizes the entire organization by breaching security.

Reagan is remembered in the closing episode for remembering her password, which she forgets.

As a result, we anticipate that the second season will begin, where the first concludes.

Trailer for Inside Job Season 2

While there is no official trailer for Inside Job season 2, you can see the season 1 video below.

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