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The date that Miss Nagatoro Chapter 118 will come out has been set. Fans are very excited and can’t wait for the series to start. Between the RAW release and the translation release, there will be a small delay. The Japanese online manga collection Don’t Toy with Me, Miss Nagatoro was written and drawn by Nanashi also known as 774.

In November 2017, Kodansha’s online and mobile manga magazine Magazine Pocket started publishing serialised internet manga. From April to June 2021, Telecom Animation Film showed a collection of anime TV shows. In this article, we will talk about Chapter 118 of Miss Nagatoro.

Release Date Of Miss Nagatoro Manga Chapter 118

The release date for Miss Nagatoro Chapter 118 has been set for December 5. Fans of the manga are very excited about the most recent update. After just a few chapters come out, it becomes very popular and has a lot of fans. As was said before, the release date for Chapter 118 has been set for December 5, 2022.

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Miss Nagatoro Plot

Naoto Hachioji is a shy second-year student at Kazehaya High School who likes to stay away from people and draw manga when he has free time. One day, Hayase Nagatoro, a first-year student, finds his manga by accident in the school library. She calls him “Senpai” and teases him so much that he starts to cry.

She hangs out in the Art Club room where he does, and she keeps making fun of him for being shy and interested in otaku things, sometimes in a sexually suggestive way and calling him lewd.

As she keeps pushing him to be more confident, Senpai starts to put pressure on Nagatoro in return. He slowly comes out of his shell and starts to be a part of her life.

Gamo, Yoshii, and Sakura are Nagatoro’s friends. At first, they seem like cruel and shallow high school girls who just want to pick on Senpai. But as they get to know Senpai and Nagatoro better, they become helpful friends who try to bring them closer together.

The Art Club’s president, who is almost retired, shows up and tries to shut down the club. However, after a competition task during the lifestyle festival, the club is allowed to stay open. The next school year, the president’s younger cousin goes to high school and joins the Art Club.

Where to Read Miss Nagatoro Chapter 118 Online?

Magazine Pocket is where you can read the next chapter of Miss Nagatoro.

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