Dragon Ball Super Chapter 88 Release Date: After A Long Time, It Came Out

That is fantastic news! Dragon Ball Super Chapter 88 is set to return in December. Goten and Trunks will appear as Superheroes in the well-known Shonen Classic. Following the August 20th release, the top brass at Shueisha, including Toyotaro, took a break to figure out where the manga will go next.

We now know where the events of the previous manga lead. According to sources, it will be part of Jump fiesta 2023’s Jump Genga world display. So major hints for Anime will be dropped there.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 88 Release Date and Time

The chapter will come out at 12 a.m. JST on December 20. It will come out at the same time everywhere, so fans won’t have to wait to read their favorite manga.

Central Time – 09:00 am, Monday, Dec 19.

Pacific Time – 07:00 am, Monday, Dec 19.

Eastern Time – 10:00 am, Monday, Dec 19.

Indian Standard Time – 8:20 pm, Monday, Dec 19.

Australian Central Daylight Time – 12:00 am, Sunday, Dec 20.

Central European Summertime-04:00 pm, Monday, Dec 19.

Also, you can read the manga on sites like MangaPlus, VIZ Media, and Crunchyroll Manga.

What’s The Tea?

At this point, everything is just guesswork, but fans can probably guess that Goten and Trunks will have grown up since their last appearances. Goten’s Super Saiyan Blue form and Trunk’s Super Saiyan Rage form can be seen by the fans.

At the moment, no one knows when Freiza will show up again in Dragon Ball, but fans hope that he will be the main bad guy in the new Manga.

Fans will finally be able to read their favorite manga after a long wait. On December 20, Dragon Ball Super chapter 88 will finally be released. Freiza got a new form in the last chapter, so we’ll learn more about it and what he meant by “other targets” in this chapter. Sources say that fans are in for a treat because better and bigger things are coming.

What Is The New Arc About?

Goten, Goku’s son, and Trunks, Vegeta’s son, will be the main characters in the new Dragon Ball Super manga arc. Both of these characters have been out of the spotlight for a while. Gohan and Piccolo are also shown on the poster, so it is likely that they will also play a big role. You can also see Goku on it.

People say that The Arc is a prequel to the movie Dragon Ball Super: Superheroes. This means that, in the end, it will fill in the gap between the Granolah Arc and the Dragon Ball Super superhero movie. Things that didn’t make sense in the Dragon Ball superhero movie will have to be shown in the Manga.

In the last Granolah the Survivor arc, we saw that Freiza came to planet cereal to kill the most powerful being in the universe, Gas, and the most powerful being in the universe, Electric. He also hurts Goku and Vegeta badly, but he doesn’t kill them.

Freiza’s most powerful form is called “BLACK FRIEZA.” He gets to this form by training in a different time-space dimension where time moves differently. Because of this, he can train for 10 years in just 10 days. Goku and Vegeta both go to Beerus’s planet to train at the end of the Arc. Their role in this Arc is still up in the air.

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