Are Nick And Jawahir Still Together After ‘Too Hot To Handle’?

By the end of Season 4, Episode 5 of Too Hot to Handle, a few couples have been together for a while. Nick and Jawahir’s relationship seems most likely to work out in real life. And right now, their fans are there to help them.

So, after Too Hot to Handle, are Nick and Jawahir still together? Let’s Talk About it.

Are Nick And Jawahir Still Together?

Nick and Jawahir wouldn’t be doing their jobs as reality TV stars and following their NDAs if they just told everyone where they are now. But based on what we can see on their Instagram accounts, there are signs that their relationship worked out after the show wrapped.

Nick and Jawahir both posted to Instagram in Indonesia in April and May 2022. Coincidence? I don’t think so. And in another Instagram post on Nick’s account, he is at the same waterfall that Jawahir is at in her Indonesia post.

Nick And Jawahir

In Too Hot to Handle, it’s clear that they only have eyes for each other. This is the hardest thing for most of the couples on the show. Okay, they also have to learn not to touch each other with their paws. But if they can get to know someone well first, it’s usually easier for them to follow the rules.

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