Who Is Geronimo Rulli Wife? His Relationship Status With Rocio Suarez!

Rocio Esposito Suarez is married to Gerónimo Rulli, the goalie for Villarreal. In this article, you’ll find out a lot of exciting things about Roco, like her job, education, and so much more.

In the last few years, Gero Rulli has become one of the best goalkeepers in La Liga. Since he joined Villarreal, he has shown how good he is. He scored a goal and saved a penalty to help the Yellow Submarine win the Europa League.

Fans were happy when Rulli joined the team because they had been looking for a good goalkeeper for a long time. They were also pleased that his beautiful wife followed him to Villarreal, Spain.

Who Is Geronimo Rulli Wife Rocio Esposito Suarez?

Rocio Esposito Suarez

Geronimo Rulli’s wife is Rocio Suarez, the woman he has been with for a long time. When they were in their early 20s, Geronimo and Rocio started dating, and they have been together ever since.

Gero and Rocio were together for four years before they got married in front of their closest friends and family members. In December 2018, they got married in Argentina. Rocio looked like a real princess in her beautiful white dress.

Rocio Suarez is a make-up artist and a nutrition expert. Scorpio is Rocio Suarez’s zodiac sign, which means she is very brave, loyal, and honest. People born under the Scorpio sign are usually known for being passionate and interested but also for being independent and able to read people. Since Rocio Suarez was born in La Plata, Argentina, she is an Argentinian citizen.

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Rocio Suarez Family

Rocio Suarez gets along well with her parents, but she doesn’t like to talk about them much. No one knows who her father and mother are, but they did a great job raising her. They did nothing but help and loved her. Rocio has a younger sister who is her only sibling.

Rocio Suarez Education

Rocio Suarez went to elementary school in Argentina and finished there. Then, in her hometown, she finished high school. Rocio went to college after she finished high school. She went to Universidad Catolica de La Plata and earned a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition.

Do You Who Rocio Suarez Is By Profession?

Rocio Suarez works as a make-up artist for a living. She has always loved art, and she found a way to show that through art. She also helps people live healthy lives as a nutritionist.

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Rocio Suarez’s Social Media

Rocio Suarez uses social media a lot. She has gained a lot of followers on Instagram, and her fans love her because she makes them feel good. But she cares a lot about her privacy, so she made her profile private so that not everyone can see what she posts.

Relationship Timeline of Geronimo Rulli With Rocio Suarez

The soccer player, who is 29 years old, is married to the woman he has been with for a long time. When they were in their early 20s, they started dating, and they have been together ever since.

Before they got married, they were together for four long years. In December 2018, they got married in Argentina. They had a big, expensive wedding. He is close to both his wife and his son, and they are all living happy life together.

Do Rocio Suarez And Gero Rulli Have Children?

Rocio Esposito Suarez

Gero and Rocio also welcomed their son on October 7, 2021, and the couple named their son Luca. He has shared a couple of pictures with his wife and son on social media, like Instagram.

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