It Is Not As Liberal As You Think!! California Proves It!!

The voters and the people in the deep blue state have rejected the progressive step to reinstate the affirmative action, which is decided with technology companies over the well organized labor and have rejected rent control. And even rejected the business tax which has been the decade long priority for the labor unions and the democratic leader.

Donald Trump presents California as the land of complete liberal excess but on the contrary Joe Biden has the highest amount of vote with a percent of 65 in California. Still the decisions of the ballot yet to be to measure, the upcoming weak is said to be unpredictable.

“we’re not going to go for everything that’s progressive,” said by the head of university of southern California Mindy Romero, which is the center for inclusive democracy. “we think of ourselves ad such as progressive state, and I’ve always said we’re a blue state but in reality we have many shade of blue within us.”

California The Shade Of Blue It Presents

We can say California since long has been the hub for policies that go national, so the labor union knows that winning the ballot fight here will have much more implications.

Know the ballot outcomes may underscore the California voters and say that they are not the liberal monolith even as the democrats must be enjoying the control in the state which gave the republican president Ronald Reagan and Richard Nixon.

California has been the liberal and the democratic state, so like if the people from democrats wants to get any initiative passed it truly lies on the backs of Democrats, and for the most of the parts done the folks they were able to get their message through and that to in an expensive state like California and they tend to do well here, as said by Trujillo.

Well it was also said that it was a difficult landscape for the other ballots to get initiative and attention and even get support for voters and this leads people often saying no to the voting procedure.

As per the Republican consultant Rob Stutzman said that it has pushed away the idea that cash mismatches and the sole for determining factor in organized labor getting the “creamed at the ballot.”

And if the money matter in any sense pave the election than Rob argued to have the post-election panel and there will be 60 Democratic Senators as well. And here he referred to the GOP senators like Mitch McConnell, John Cornyn and Lindsey Graham and the one who have won.


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