Hilda Season 3

Hilda Season 3 Release Date & Renewal Status in 2022!


In times like these, we all want a little bit of humorous fantasy to help us get through the day. That’s when a program like Hilda comes in to help out. 

This animated series, which centers on the adventures of an adorable young girl with spiky red hair named Hilda, takes viewers on joyous journeys through the best parts of childhood. 

Hilda is accompanied on her excursions by a merry band of magical companions who help her along the way. The program, which premiered on Netflix in 2018, is based on the graphic book series of the same name authored by Luke Pearson and is now in its second season.

Fans are now looking forward to seeing what the entertaining animation has in store for them in the future. It has been revealed that, in addition to wrapping off its second season, a 70-minute long movie special would be produced for the series as well. 

However, there has been no indication that a complete third season will be released on Netflix shortly. In the same way, Hilda’s ultimate destiny is still up in the air; the specifics of a possible season 3 are shrouded in secrecy.

Hilda Season 3 Release Date

The second season of ‘Hilda‘ will premiere on Netflix on December 14, 2020. Season 2 splits into 13 episodes, each lasting 24 minutes. 

In terms of season 3, this is what we have discovered thus far. Although there has been no announcement of a third installment, the fact that the last episode finishes on a cliffhanger offers us reason to be hopeful.

Those who like the series will be pleased to hear that a 70-minute film is presently under development. The film’s plot remains a mystery today, with no indication that it will start up where season 2 leaves off or that it would be a solo adventure. 

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After taking all of these considerations into account, fans will have to wait a little longer since the film will most likely be released after the conclusion of season 2. 

Consequently, we may anticipate ‘Hilda’ season 3 to be released somewhere in 2022, assuming another season will be released.

Hilda Season 3 Plot

A troll-infested stone forest is the setting for the last episode of Season 2, “The Stone Forest,” which finds Hilda and her mother stuck in the Stone Forest alongside Twig and her mother and sister. 

Despite being in grave danger, Frida and David are on the lookout for them. At long last, the Raven comes to their aid and brings Hilda, Twig, and Johanna back to their home. Johanna delivers breakfast to Hilda after the episode.

Upon waking Hilda awake, she is surprised to see that the Troll youngster, Baba, has taken up residence in her daughter’s bed; in contrast, Hilda is shown playing in the Stone Forest with a family of Trolls, much to her dismay. 

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In a third season, we shall be treated to even more adventures in Hilda’s realm. Given that the Stone Forest is not the theme of the next movie, Hilda’s narrative may continue in Season 3.

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