Who is Erica Stoll? Is She The Wife of Rory Mcllroy?

A few years ago, Rory McIlroy s wife Erica Stoll was caught on camera. Who is erica still the wife of Rory McIlroy and what is her relationship to Rory McIlroy? When last January came around, these two were not seen together so it is unclear if they are still married or not.

In an interview with the Times of London Magazine, Mcllroy said he found someone new. She doesn’t play golf, but she has something to do with golf. I’ve known her for three years, and we’re good friends. McIlroy married Erica Stoll, who works for the PGA of America. McIlroy also discussed his personal life. I haven’t really announced it yet, but she lives in America which is why I enjoy spending time in Palm Beach. The past six or seven months have been very nice.

Rory McIlroy is having a great year. This time last year he was dating tennis player Caroline Wozniacki, but later he won the BMW PGA Championship against her in Wentworth. It marked his most successful time as a professional so far.

Who is Erica Stoll?

She is the wife of Rory McIlroy. They reportedly dated for a few years but then they split in May 2015. It’s not clear if McIlroy is the one who won Stoll over, but he made it very clear that she has stolen his heart. This is the first public appearance in recent months for these two couples – and McIlroy said openly that he had managed to steal Stoll’s heart.

From the number of photos that are displayed, at a glance, Stoll’s smile appears to be similar to that of Caroline Wozniacki who was McIlroy’s ex-girlfriend.

Although they’ve kept their personal life out of the public eye so far, a man who now resides in Hollywood indicated that the two are trying to reconcile. I have a new friend who plays golf. He has been playing golf for about three years, and we’ve become good friends. I am going to play better if this is something that starts with the golf course, he told me. Rory McIlroy revealed that his wife is being Erica Stoll.

I keep things private. I have to be very grateful for that, and I am so appreciative of my immediate family as well as Rory’s. He is a really close friend of mine, McIlroy added. Erica Stoll is currently the Manager of Championship Volunteer Operations at the Professional Golfer’s Association (PGA) of America. Previously, she was an Associate at Valance Capital Management.Erica Stoll

Rory Mcllroy and Erica Stoll Marriage

Erica Stoll became Rory McIlroy’s wife last Saturday (April 22, 2017) when they were married at Ashford Castle in Ireland. Erica had known Rory since she helped her with her golf business and now they are officially husband and wife.

The future Mrs. McIlroy met her husband-to-be while he was working at PGA of America at the 2012 Ryder Cup Tournament. Rory, 27, had previously been engaged to tennis player Caroline Wozniacki but since 2014 has been Rory McIlroy is enjoying a bachelor’s lifestyle before getting married.

The Irish Independent reports that Rory McIlroy has already hosted a party for bachelors, even though he’s not yet married. He took 7th place at the 2017 Masters tournament and then flew to Miami Beach, where his round of golf didn’t. He rents 83 rooms at the Bally Lough estate, costing from $57 to $84 thousand. He is a golfer with an estimated net worth of $440 million. He is currently ranked as the second-best golfer in the world.Erica Stoll

Rory Mcllroy has announced that his wife, Erica STOLL, is soon due to have their first child together. Shortly after winning the BMW Championship in Chicago, Rory had delivered this exciting news before admitting he felt a little too distracted by them. He also has won around $150 million in prize money with some of the ranking’s top earners. Rory’s bogey-birdie start on the back nine was already leaving him three strokes behind as his fifth bogey game in at 18.

Rory Mcllroy’s 72 scores forced him to drop five places to 6, but he has five other players in pursuit and Hideki Matsuyama is the top golfer with 209.

Rory McIlroy has only occupied one Top-25 out of 7 tournaments in the Travelers Championship after his pandemic was terminated from PGA Tour.

Rory McIlroy admitted that his wife didn’t send the phone to accompany him and he couldn’t finish the last 18 holes. But Rory is still optimistic about the result of tomorrow’s final round because there have been a lot of good things on this day.


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