What is The Current Status Of Re Zero Manga?


Re: Zero Starting Life in Another World is the light novel-exclusive spinoff manga of Re: Zero, which starts by featuring protagonist Subaru Natsuki. Unlike the anime, it features both human and demi-human characters.
Rewrite to improve clarity: On his way out from a convenience store one day, Subaru gets transported into an unknown Subaru gets lost due to the unfamiliar environment.

Instead, Subaru arrives in a place where he is in a fantasy world. His first encounter is with some thugs brawling at him. He’s lucky to bump into Satella who rescues these bullies from him and saves Subaru.

Subaru saves a passerby, Satella, from an incident by volunteering to help her find where she lost her insignia. To their surprise, it is not the insignia that they found but their death.Re Zero Manga

Is Re Zero Manga Complete or Ongoing?

Here is the Current Status of the Light Novel and Manga for Starting Life in Another World.

The series is currently in its second season of 25 episodes split into two halves. The first half runs for ten to thirteen episodes, before a three-month break; the other half running from September to December 2018. Re: Zero Starting Life in Another World is an anime series based on a light novel series written by Nagatsuki and illustrated by Otsuka.Re Zero Manga

The light novel series is still ongoing and, according to the author, barely halfway finished at this point. The manga is divided into six arcs of ten or so chapters each.

The manga also releases new chapters which is a clear indication that it is ongoing and there might be more. There have been short story collections released about the manga of Subaru. The anime series has also been released as a manga, but it is neither shonen nor shojo and is not seinen either. The reason for this lies in how the main story came about: originating from the light novel series.

While the two are independent of each other, they share some similarities with their formats.

The first of the separate manga series is Re: Zero Starting Life in Another World Chapter 1: A Day in the Capitol. Yen Press licensed the Light Novel series in late 2015. The second is Re: Zero -Starting Life in Another World-, Chapter 2, which was licensed by Yen Press and published by Square Enix’s seinen magazine Monthly Big Gangan on October 25th, 2014.

Daichi Matsue has taken on the third with Re: Zero -Starting Life in Another World-, Chapter 3: Truth of Zero. This chapter consists of eleven volumes, which are licensed by Yen Press and published through Comic Alive from July 2015 to February 21, 2020.

A fourth manga is underway with the art of Haruna Atori and licensed by Yen Press titled The Sanctuary and the Witch of Greed. It was just released last February 21, 2020, with an English release date of January 19, 2021. I haven’t been able to find any information about when the other volumes will be released.

Because of these factors, the manga series is currently ongoing as well. A manga anthology series for Re: Zero titled Re: Zero Starting Life in Another World Official Anthology Comic was released by Media Factory from 2016 to 2018. It airs the new episodes weekly via Crunchyroll every Wednesday at 8:30 EST. Its release in Japan is a day earlier on Wednesdays at 10:30 JST.

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